Re: ADSM & BackupExec

1997-12-11 03:35:54
Subject: Re: ADSM & BackupExec
From: Freddy Sjauw-En-Wa <FreddyS AT SEAGATESOFTWARE DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 08:35:54 -0000
Dear Mrs. Wood,

I replied to Mr. Boireau, but I think that the same would apply to your
scenario (?)

If you have any Q's pls mail/call me

Freddy Sjauw-En-Wa
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>Sent:  Wednesday, December 10, 1997 8:16 PM
>Subject:       Re: ADSM & BackupExec
>We are running ADSM on an NT server and using Backup Exec V6.11 to
>backup Exchange. The strange thing I see is that everytime we run
>a backup it loads the same tape and reads a little bit off it before
>it starts writing out to the disk storage pool. We have 5 Exchange
>servers and it behaves the same way when backing up all of them.
>This is a pain because we have DLT4000 libraries and have to keep these
>"special" tapes that Backup Exec likes in them all the time. I've been
>meaning to call Seagate about this behavior.
>I'm looking foward to ADSM's Connect Agent for Exchange. Perhaps it
>won't be as temperamental as Backup Exec.
>Cyndi Wood
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