Re: Using schedule for adsm db backups

1997-12-10 18:41:14
Subject: Re: Using schedule for adsm db backups
From: "Nicholas, Murray, Haltek/AU" <MurrayNi AT HALTEK.COM DOT AU>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 10:41:14 +1100

Your main difficulty here is that, after the database backup completes
(which is some time later than the time you issue the dbbackup
command!) you also need to back up your volume history and device
config files.  Automation is not going to be easy unless if you want
to back these files up to removable media to go off site with your
database backup.

What I did recently was to create a small suite of bat files and rexx
programs to prompt the operator for a backup tape number, request that
a matching diskette be mounted in the floppy drive, issue the dbbackup
command then start a dsmc console monitor piping the output to a
program which searched for the dbbackup ended message.  When the
dbbackup ended message was received, the monitor process was killed
off allowing the bat file to continue and backup the volhist and
devconfig files to the floppy.

I think I have a backup copy of the code at home so, if you are
interested, I could send it to you.

Murray Nicholas
IT Systems Consultant
Galeforce Information Services Pty Ltd
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