Re: gui fade away

1997-12-03 09:20:22
Subject: Re: gui fade away
From: Ann Courchaine <acourcha AT CSC DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 09:20:22 -0500
Hi Jerry,
     Since I sent the original message I "found" the following text in the
error log. I contacted my "service representative" at IBM and of course
received no assistance.

Dsmerror.log  contains the following error multiple times over many days.

12/02/97 09:51:54 ANS8001E Internal error in this graphical user interface.
 one of the following in the order listed:  1) close this window and reopen
2) close this object and reopen it  3) shut down this graphical user
interface a
nd restart it  4) save dsmerror.log residing in the directory specified by
LOG and contact your service representative for assistance.|Graphical User
face - Internal error
12/02/97 09:51:54 ansccom.c (4127): ConfirmWindow:  DeltaFunction failed.
RC =
12/02/97 09:51:54 anscsub.c ( 537): ConfirmWindow failed.  RC = 802
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