Re[2]: SQL, Obacktrack, Backup Standards.

1997-12-02 11:34:37
Subject: Re[2]: SQL, Obacktrack, Backup Standards.
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 10:34:37 -0600
We leave the task of db backups to APPS people via a script that the DBA's wrote
to do SQL-Backtrack to ADSM (Oracle & Sybase).  The reason is so that the batch
schedules thru Unicenter can be monitored.

As far as when should backups/restores SHOULD be done?  The answer is...
...When needed.

As an ADSM admin, one only 'manages' the data, they don't own it.  If a DBA/apps
person has decided that a backup and/or restore is needed, so be it.  If they go
hog wild, we put the screws to them.  Otherwise our general position is: Have at
it. You keep us informed about how much volume/concurrency is needed, we provide
a reliable infrastructure.

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Subject: Re: SQL, Obacktrack, Backup Standards.
Author:  "Sinclair; Tony" <TJSinclair AT SNOPUD DOT COM> at ~internet
Date:    12/1/97 11:19 AM

To All who have SQL Backtrack backups on ADSM.

My Shop is currently:

ADSM V 2.12   AIX/UNIX( soon to be V3)
2 Unix Nodes running SQL backing up approx. 20 GB in Oracle DB data.
1 NT Node running SQL backing up 2 GB in Oracle DB data.

I need some input from shops that are currently running SQL backups thru

My question is how are other shops doing these backups?

We are currently in the discussion process of determining who will be
responsible for backing up this data, either the ADSM administrator or
the DBA's.  As it stands now ADSM administration executes a SQL
Backtrack script via ADSM Cmd schedule to backup the database. How are
folks out there trapping SQL Backtrack failures when SQL Backtrack is
launched from the ADSM scheduler.

The DBA's are issuing the same SQL Backtrack scripts via crontab.  There
reason the DBA's wish to use cron is because ADSM is unable to pass back
any return code to SQL if there is a problem with the backup.

Or the plan is to use Platinum's Autosys to issue the scheduled backups
to SQL, since it is Autosys has restart capability.

The second policy issue we are deciding upon, is on demand activity.
Should DBA have the authority to do a recovery/backup anytime they feel?
We have limited resources, and ADSM administration  is under the
impression that backups/recoveries should be coordinated through ADSM
administration, rather than at the whim of DBA.

Tony Sinclair
Adsm System Admin.
Snohomish County Public Utility District
Everett WA
tjsinclair AT snopud DOT com
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