Re: ADSM Version 3 for VM?

1997-12-02 11:29:13
Subject: Re: ADSM Version 3 for VM?
From: "Moir,Elizabeth" <Elizabeth.Moir AT LN.SSW.ABBOTT DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 10:29:13 -0600
We also have lodged semi-formal requests for V3 for VM with James Savoie of
IBM who is doing his own collection of ADSM Version 3-interested users.  We
here are kind of resigned to the fact that for whatever reason IBM puts VM at
the bottom of the development totem pole.  We just keep nagging.

ADSM-L AT VM.MARIST DOT EDU on 12/02/97 09:29:09 AM
Subject: Re: ADSM Version 3 for VM?

From: Mark L. Wheeler    Phone (612)733-4355  FAX (612)736-7689
      3M IT Centralized Tech Services
      3M Center 224-4N-20, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000

Dave Kalenderian wrote:

>Over a months or so ago I submitted a formal requirement to IBM for ADSM
>V3 on VM. I haven't heard any updated information regarding this issue.
>I was curious as to how many VM sites have done the same. Does anyone
>have any idea how many such requests IBM has received and if it has made
>an impact? If not, would it be worthwhile to take our own poll? I would
>be willing to entertain e-mail to my id and publish it to this list if
>there is interest.

I just received word that the SHARE ADSM/VM Version 3 requirement has
been returned with a status of "Recognized". Also, 3M recently received a
written response from IBM to our inquiry about ADSM/VM V3.

   "At this time, there are no plans to develop ADSM Server Version 3
    for VM. ... Many requests for version 3 support on VM have been
    submitted and IBM will continue to consider these customer
    requirements in decisions related to future support of the VM

Clearly the requirement for ADSM/VM V3 is well understood by IBM. ADSM/VM
customers need to continue to voice their concerns at national and local
user groups, and add their names to the concurring parties list within
the IBM REQUESTS system (REQ00066512). Perhaps I'm being optimistic, but
when the business case is made, IBM will come through for us.

Best regards,
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