Re: Re[2]: SQL, Obacktrack, Backup Standards.

1997-12-02 14:14:22
Subject: Re: Re[2]: SQL, Obacktrack, Backup Standards.
From: "Sinclair, Tony" <TJSinclair AT SNOPUD DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 11:14:22 -0800
Thanks Allen.......Most helpful, especially the part about putting the
screws to the DBA's....

                                Thanks Tony

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> Subject:      Re[2]: SQL, Obacktrack, Backup Standards.
> We leave the task of db backups to APPS people via a script that the
> DBA's wrote
> to do SQL-Backtrack to ADSM (Oracle & Sybase).  The reason is so that
> the batch
> schedules thru Unicenter can be monitored.
> As far as when should backups/restores SHOULD be done?  The answer
> is...
> ...When needed.
> As an ADSM admin, one only 'manages' the data, they don't own it.  If
> a DBA/apps
> person has decided that a backup and/or restore is needed, so be it.
> If they go
> hog wild, we put the screws to them.  Otherwise our general position
> is: Have at
> it. You keep us informed about how much volume/concurrency is needed,
> we provide
> a reliable infrastructure.
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> Subject: Re: SQL, Obacktrack, Backup Standards.
> Author:  "Sinclair; Tony" <TJSinclair AT SNOPUD DOT COM> at ~internet
> Date:    12/1/97 11:19 AM
> To All who have SQL Backtrack backups on ADSM.
> My Shop is currently:
> ADSM V 2.12   AIX/UNIX( soon to be V3)
> 2 Unix Nodes running SQL backing up approx. 20 GB in Oracle DB data.
> 1 NT Node running SQL backing up 2 GB in Oracle DB data.
> I need some input from shops that are currently running SQL backups
> thru
> My question is how are other shops doing these backups?
> We are currently in the discussion process of determining who will be
> responsible for backing up this data, either the ADSM administrator or
> the DBA's.  As it stands now ADSM administration executes a SQL
> Backtrack script via ADSM Cmd schedule to backup the database. How are
> folks out there trapping SQL Backtrack failures when SQL Backtrack is
> launched from the ADSM scheduler.
> The DBA's are issuing the same SQL Backtrack scripts via crontab.
> There
> reason the DBA's wish to use cron is because ADSM is unable to pass
> back
> any return code to SQL if there is a problem with the backup.
> Or the plan is to use Platinum's Autosys to issue the scheduled
> backups
> to SQL, since it is Autosys has restart capability.
> The second policy issue we are deciding upon, is on demand activity.
> Should DBA have the authority to do a recovery/backup anytime they
> feel?
> We have limited resources, and ADSM administration  is under the
> impression that backups/recoveries should be coordinated through ADSM
> administration, rather than at the whim of DBA.
> Tony Sinclair
> Adsm System Admin.
> Snohomish County Public Utility District
> Everett WA
> tjsinclair AT snopud DOT com
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