Re: ADSM Archiving under UNIX client on MVS server.

1997-12-01 15:59:56
Subject: Re: ADSM Archiving under UNIX client on MVS server.
From: "Prather, Wanda" <PrathW1 AT CENTRAL.SSD.JHUAPL DOT EDU>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 15:59:56 -0500
There are no timing issues, the GUI is just a little tricky.
I had the same problem the first time I tried it.
First make sure that you are trying to do the RETRIEVE under the same
userid that you did the archive.
Then on the RETRIEVE window, specify "*" for file spec and also
description, and CHECK THE INCLUDE SUBDIRECTORIES box (even if you think
you don't need it...)

Wanda Prather
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        From:   Donald Ludwig[SMTP:Don.Ludwig AT ccmail.fingerhut DOT com]
        Sent:   Monday, December 01, 1997 1:39 PM
        To:     ADSM-L AT vm.marist DOT edu
        Subject:        ADSM Archiving under UNIX client on MVS server.

             Hi,,,We are just beginning to do some archiving of files
under a UNIX
             machine running 2.1 client code.  Our server is running 2.1
level 12
             under OS/390.  Here is the scenario. I have setup a ARCHIVE
             to archive all files under a certain path.  When a file is
placed in
             that path the next day shows the file is gone.  The
             that yes it did ARCHIVE a file.  Now when we try to
retrieve the file
             via the ADSM GUI, ADSM says it cannot find any files that
match the
             specification.  But when we issue a QUERY ARCHIVES command
through the
             command line interface the files show up.  Does anyone have
             insight on what might be happening?  Is there timing
             that we have to be aware of?  (meaning if ADSM archives
             should the file be made available immediately after the
archive for

             Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

             Don Ludwig
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