Client' s files location.

2015-10-04 18:03:06
Subject: Client' s files location.
To: Jerry Lawson at ASUPO
Date: 11/29/97 9:33PM
The easy answer to your question is yes, via the Q Content command you can
find out which files are on a given tape.

That probably isn't the problem you have though - you want to know which
tapes a client has files on.  There is no support command (in V2) for this,
but there is an undocumented command SHOW VOLUMEUSAGE NODE, where NODE is the
nodename you are interested in.  This will tell you which volumes a client
has data on.  The response from the command is slow, so don't be surprised if
the response takes a minute or 2.

There have been requests to replace SHOW VOLUMEUSAGE with  a supported
command, but I so not know if that was done for V3 or not.

Jerry Lawson
jlawson AT thehartford DOT com

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Subject: Client' s files location.
Date:    11/29/97 9:33 PM

Dear ADSMers,

there is a way to know where files of a given client are stored exactly,
that is on which volumes???

Ciao, Pier Antonio BIANCHI
JRC - Ispra
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