Convertion from Netware to HPFS.

2015-10-04 18:03:06
Subject: Convertion from Netware to HPFS.
To: Jerry Lawson at ASUPO
Date: 11/29/97 9:32PM
Let me make sure I understand your configuration.  It is something like this:

NetWare ===> OS/2 workstation ===> ADSM Server.

In short - the ADSM server is not the same as the OS/2 workstation you

If so, the file type should be HPFS.  (I would have expected the NetWare
backup to be FAT, not NTFS, since that is how the NetWare server will present
it to an OS/2 workstation..

I do NOT recommend doing either of these two scenarios.  Why?  First, the
backup takes much longer than with the native Novell ADSM client - the data
must be moved through the network twice, and the data must be manipulated by
Novell to make it "right" for the OS/2 machine.

Secondly, the backup is not "complete" - you can't back up the NetWare
bindery, and the permissions would be incomplete, at best.  I don't know OS/2
LAN server, but suspect the same exposures exist.  In both situations, I
would use a native ADSM client.

The only good news here is that files could be cross platform restored - but
at the loss of ACL information.

Jerry Lawson
jlawson AT thehartford DOT com

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Subject: Convertion from Netware to HPFS.
Date:    11/29/97 9:32 PM


I've a customer who is making a backup of a Netware-server through a OS/2
workstation. He has now the intention to move his data from that novell
server to an OS/2 LAN server. He continues to make his backups through that
same OS/2-workstation. In the first situation de 'file space type' is

So my question is: 'What will the file space type be, after he has been
moving his data form that Netware-server to the OS/2 LAN Server?'
Another question is: 'What are the consequences for the backups he made
before the move? Can they still be used after the move, but then on the
OS/2 LAN Server without having troubles with ACL's and that kind of

Does this sounds familiar to anybody?
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