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Unexplained database growth on replication target



I have a TSM replication source/target pair running version 8.1.8 that has been running with a near constant backup volume for quite a while. Recently the database on the replication target has started to grow ever so slightly. The backup and replication volumes has stayed constant and the database size on the source server is also constant. If the growth continues, I will run out of space for the database in about a month.

The start of growth seems to coincide with some new error messages in dsmffdc.log.
Three messages like these occur every 10 minutes:

[05-19-2020 10:10:36.982][ FFDC_GENERAL_SERVER_ERROR ]: (sdrefcount.c:916) Encountered error 9973 processing range 2184654291979925338 to 2234952175654497472
[05-19-2020 10:10:40.224][ FFDC_GENERAL_SERVER_ERROR ]: (sdrefcount.c:916) Encountered error 9973 processing range -9223372036854775808 to 2234952175654497472
[05-19-2020 10:10:45.230][ FFDC_GENERAL_SERVER_ERROR ]: (sdrefcount.c:916) Encountered error 9973 processing range -9223372036854775808 to 2234952175654497472

Now those are from the servermon scripts and probably mostly harmless in themselves, but if, as they indicate, some 64bit counter has overflowed, maybe there are problems elsewhere.

My suspicion is that the normal database reorganization and cleanup is not running as intended.
Are there some way to manually trigger database cleanup?

Any ideas on where to look further would be appreciated!



Thanks for following up, but unfortunately, no, I haven't found any solution to this.
As it stands, I am planning to wipe the replication server and start from scratch.


How's you housekeeping running on the replication server? Expiration runs completely every day on both servers?


ADSM.ORG Moderator
As it stands, I am planning to wipe the replication server and start from scratch.
That leaves you with some exposure by not having a 2nd copy or your data. Maybe it's an issue with reorgs that's causing the DB on the target to be much larger.

It's a long read, but you should start here: https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/r...oli-storage-manager-v711200-and-later-servers

Also, if your database grows larger on disk, and you expire a bunch of data and the online reorgs frees up some space, that only frees up database pages that can be used, but it doesn't release space to the operating system, there's a section in the link I referenced on releasing the space back to the operating system. Typically, that's only needed if you need to reuse that space elsewhere though.

And when you say "larger", are you referring to Space Used by Database(MB) or Used Pages. The former is how much the DB takes on the disk by the files that the database is stored into, but there can be free pages in those files. If you are looking at Used Pages, that's how many pages in the DB have data.


Thank you for that vast piece of information. I remember having read pieces of that before, but I will have a more careful read. I do think it is the internal database maintenance that is failing, and the reorg part is a possible candidate. I'll have a closer look and report back later.

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