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TSM Estimated capacity (TSM 6.3.4)


Active Newcomer
Hello Folks ,
I have an issue with TSM migration process and need help.

I have a storage pool (device class type FILE) and i want to migrate all data in volumes to another new storage pool (Device class type FILE).

The size of the source stg is 2T , I want to move all data to the new stg with size 2,5T. with "migrate stg stgname low=0"
The problem is when i run the migration, TSM create volumes in the new stg. 80Go for each volume (I set the max capacity to 80Gb by volume).
Now the process is stopped because there is no space in the disk. TSM create 31 volumes of 83GB. and i have an error message that say " there is no space in the subordonate storage" .
When i see the configuration with "Q volume stg=stgnew" , the volume is FULL and the PCT.Util is 100 %.

H:\TSM\00001B09.BFS CMODSTG DEVCTSM 29.3 G 100.0 Full
H:\TSM\00001B0A.BFS CMODSTG DEVCTSM 21.9 G 100.0 Full
H:\TSM\00001B0B.BFS CMODSTG DEVCTSM 28.8 G 100.0 Full
H:\TSM\00001B0C.BFS CMODSTG DEVCTSM 23.8 G 100.0 Full
H:\TSM\00001B0D.BFS CMODSTG DEVCTSM 22.1 G 100.0 Full

I do not understand why TSM does not fill volumes with 80GB of data.
In windows, i see that TSM create BFS files with 83GB.

When i run the reclaim process, i get this message " No data to process" it means no need to reclaim.

Any ideas ?

Storage Device Estimated Pct Pct High Low Next Stora-
Pool Name Class Name Capacity Util Migr Mig Mig ge Pool
Pct Pct
----------- ---------- ---------- ----- ----- ---- --- -----------
ARCH SEQFILE 528 G 29.5 29.5 90 80 CMOD
CMOD DEVCTSM 748 G 100.0 100.0 90 70

sorry for my english :)



Active Newcomer
Hello folks,

I have a problem in TSM and need help.
I have a device class type FILE. The estimated capacity and the volume does not match.
I have estimated capacity : 23,8G

Volume Name Storage Device Estimated Pct Volume
Pool Name Class Name Capacity Util Status
------------------------ ----------- ---------- --------- ----- --------
H:\TSM_STG\00001B0C.BFS CMOD DEVCTSM 23.8 G 100.0 Full

and the real size in windows 83GB .

Device Device Storage Device Format Est/Max Mount
Class Access Pool Type Capacity Limit
Name Strategy Count (MB)
--------- ---------- ------- --------- ------ -------- ------
DEVCTSM Sequential 1 FILE DRIVE 81,920.0 10

Can anyone help me please.



Remember, TSM store compressed files, the real time of this files could be the full size of volume.

You be able to reclaim data when you get expire data on volumes, and TSM will "organize" the data in volumes.

My suggestion is: Decrease the volume size to 20gb or do the IBM recomendation.

IBM Recomendation:
The value that is specified must be less than or equal to the maximum supported size of a file on the target file system.
Link here.

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