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TSM disk volume restore


Hi guys

I need an urgent help with restoring a disk volume that was deleted physically by mistake , I tried to restore the volume from copypool however it was only partially successful as 100MB worth of data wasn't available in the copypool. When i tried to define the volume with no success, it fails with the error "volume already present in TSM"....

is there any way to define the volume or any way to restore the missing data

Thanks much


ADSM.ORG Moderator
Keep in mind that when you are restoring a volume, Spectrum Protect is actually restoring the data that as on that volume in the same pool that volume was in. It's not literally restoring the volume itself, just the content.

I'm assuming the volume is still defined in Spectrum Protect if you do a Q VOL. You can either create a new volume with a new name, or do the following:

Check the content of that volume:
q content <volume name> copied=yes (this data can be restored)
q content <volume name> copied=no (this data cannot be restored)

If there is only data that cannot be restored on the volume, that is only with copied=no. You can delete the volume with discarddata=yes, and then you can create a new volume with the original name.

If there is still data that has copied=yes, you should do the following:
- update the volume as destroyed (if not already done)
- do a restore with preview=yes to get the list of volumes you need to restore
- perform the actual restore
- delete the destroyed volume from Spectrum Protect
- recreate the volume.


Thanks heaps Marcland
When i checked, q content copied=yes has data and copied=no doesn't have, so I expected the restore to run successfully however the restore volume failed with the error "ANR1256W Volume W:\*****.DSM contacins files that could not be restored", do you have any suggestion?

Also another question regarding TSM DB, TSM DB Sits on two drives D & E of 100 GB size each,as there were only 10GB free space was left on both drives so we increased the size of D & E by 100GB each now, my questions is

* when you run q dbspace, it shows 200 GB free space available however when you run q db, it has the same old total pages, usable pages, used pages and free pages..... so when the TSM useup the remaining free pages, is it gonna be extended automatically as there are 100 GB free space available on each drive now or we need run the command "extend dbspace D:,H: to extend the database.

BTW we are running TSM 6.3.

Thanks lots in Advance.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
"ANR1256W Volume W:\*****.DSM contacins files that could not be restored", do you have any suggestion?
Protect: SERVER1>help ANR1256W
ANR1256W Volume volume name contains files that could not be restored.
During processing of a RESTORE STGPOOL or RESTORE VOLUME command, the
server determines that the indicated volume contains one or more files
that could not be restored. If this is a preview operation, this message
indicates that a restorable backup copy cannot be found for one or more
files on the indicated volume. If this is an actual restore operation,
this message could result if any of the following conditions exist for a
file on the indicated volume:
* A restorable backup copy cannot be found for the file.
* A restorable backup copy of the file exists, but is located on a copy
storage pool volume whose access mode is unavailable or offsite.

* During restore processing, a backup copy was selected for restore
processing, but was deleted or moved before the file was actually
restored. This action could occur as a result of MOVE DATA, DELETE
VOLUME, AUDIT VOLUME FIX=YES, or reclamation processing of a copy
storage pool volume while the restore was in progress.
* A restorable backup copy of the file exists, but is on a copy storage
pool volume that cannot be accessed since no drive path exists.
System action:
User response:
If this was an actual restore operation, check for messages indicating
that files could not be restored because a copy storage pool volume was
unavailable or offsite.
Check to see if a move data, delete volume,
audit volume, or reclamation process occurred for a copy storage pool
while the restore was in progress. If either of these conditions
existed, correct the situation and reissue the restore command.

I have a feeling it`s for the reason in blue and solution in red.


Thanks heaps marclant, i checked the copypool volumes required for the restore and found access mode for all of them as "read/write" however all the volumes has "Number of read errors : 1" not sure if thats the case. I will rerun the restore and let you know how I go.

Thanks again for your help

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