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Syntax for exclude.compression?


Oct 30, 2019
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This is on Linux. I would like to exclude certain file types from being compressed on the client. I realize this is standard fare (just include it in dsm.sys or cloptset) for most folks here, but I need a little help with the syntax. Up to now, we have not been excluding anything from being compressed. We use the 'domain' statement in our stanza to enumerate the specific file systems that we're backing up, and we have an include exclude file that we reference in the stanza, e.g.:

domain /filesystem1
domain /filesystem2
INCLExcl /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/inclexcl_dsm.local

The include exclude file contains something like this:

exclude.dir /users/username/export/backup_test

Also, we also have 'compressalways no' in the dsm.opt to avoid sending a file compressed if compression increases its size (yes, this might slow things down).

Anyway, all this is working dandy, but:

1. What syntax would I use for the exclude.compression to avoid compressing all files of that type anywhere under the file system???

Would I just add something like this to the include exclude file:

exclude.compression "*.zip"
exclude.compression "*.gzip"
exclude.compression "*.bz2"
exclude.compression "*.pdf"

like that ? Or do I need to do something like: "*:\...\*.zip" ?

2. Does it matter if this goes into the include exclude file versus directly in the stanza? I wouldn't think so?

I would keep all of these statements together, but because I'm NOT enumerating a specific file system, could these all be together anywhere in the include exclude file or anywhere in the stanza for that matter?

3. Does it matter that we're using 'domain' statements here? In other words, does the syntax change and would we only need one set of statements (e.g. in the above example, just the four), or would we need the same set repeated for each domain statement?

Thank you.

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