Spectrum Protect Server to Server communications


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Feb 21, 2007
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If it was only as easy as IBM's documentation...sigh

We are standing up a new SP environment for a customer. We installed SP v8.1.12 on each of the two AIX servers. One of the servers is going to host two instances with one of them being a library manager. The legacy environment we are migrating from is v8.1.9 on AIX.

New Environment - ServerA Instance1 (Port 1500) and ServerA Instance2 (Port 2500- libmgr)
ServerB Instance 3 (Port 1600)
Old Environment - HostA Instance1 (Port 1500) HostA Instance2 (Port 1600) and HostA Instance3 (Port 2500 - libmgr)

I'm trying to configure server to server communication between new library manager instance and the new and old instances. I've got HostA Instance2 (Port 1600) defined and I'm able to ping the server within SP. I've tried to do others, both old and new and I'm able to get them defined, but ping hangs or comes back with not able to connect.

I've tried doing the manual exchange of cert256.arm files between servers and it doesn't resolve issue. I don't understand why the first certificate was propagated, but additional one's aren't.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
I can't help you with server to server communication, but I'm curious as to why you would want 2 instances on the same instance. I'd go with one large instance instead because it's easier to manage, or create 2 LPARs and have one instance by LPAR. That way, you don't have 2 instances competing for the same resources.
No need to copy certs ! just define and give it a go .
on all Servers.

( set serverpassword yourserverpassword )

upd admin admin sessionsec=trans

def server TSM-SERVER-NAME hla= lla=1500|2500 serverpass=yourserverpassword sessionsec=str ssl=yes

ping server ...
And i agree. 1 Server per LPAR is much better to handle . There is very very little to save resources having 2 Servers on 1 LPAR. If there is something to fix on one LPAR it will bring down 2 Servers .

I have seen Device Problems ( on Windows ) where we needed to restart / reboot the Library Manager . So i would always recommend to have the Library Server disconnected from the others ..
They did the three instances on 1 LPAR 8 years ago. Now it's one instance per LPAR except for libmgr LPAR which has no clients on it. I've got ticket open with IBM support and they think the B/A client version on legacy environment might be causing issue. It's 7.1.8, so we're upgrading it to 8.1.11 next week.

They had us run traces on server to server communications and it was failing with TCPIP errno 73 connection reset by peer.