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Sharepoint Farm backup failed



I have a problem with my sharepoint farm level backup, I have google this error but not found any resolution. kindly help me on this error on urgent basis its very critical.

below is the error log detail.

2012.10.19 15:25:46 ConfigDB Farm(Farm)\SharePoint_Config_KHI_KHI-SP-SQL(Full) 1 KB 608.9499035 s Failed
Error:A timeout occurred while waiting for generating index start time :Farm(Farm)\SharePoint_Config_KHI_KHI-SP-SQL.
2012.10.19 15:36:01 Solutions Farm(Farm)\Windows SharePoint Solutions 0 KB 0 s Skipped
2012.10.19 15:36:06 InfoPath Farm(Farm)\InfoPath 0 KB 0 s Skipped
2012.10.19 15:36:11 FormService Farm(Farm)\InfoPath\FormService 4 KB 5.6316361 s Succeeded
2012.10.19 15:36:22 DataConnectionFiles Farm(Farm)\InfoPath\DataConnectionFiles 0 KB 0 s Skipped
2012.10.19 15:36:27 InfoPathFormTemplates Farm(Farm)\InfoPath\InfoPathFormTemplates 0 KB 0 s Skipped
2012.10.19 15:36:33 ExemptUserAgents Farm(Farm)\InfoPath\ExemptUserAgents 0 KB 0 s Skipped
2012.10.19 15:36:38 ExemptUserAgent Farm(Farm)\InfoPath\ExemptUserAgents\crawler\crawler 1 KB 5.5380355 s Succeeded
2012.10.19 15:36:49 ExemptUserAgent Farm(Farm)\InfoPath\ExemptUserAgents\Googlebot\Googlebot 1 KB 5.5536356 s Succeeded
2012.10.19 15:37:00 ExemptUserAgent Farm(Farm)\InfoPath\ExemptUserAgents\MS Search\MS Search 1 KB 5.5380355 s Succeeded
2012.10.19 15:37:11 ExemptUserAgent Farm(Farm)\InfoPath\ExemptUserAgents\msnbot\msnbot 1 KB 5.4912352 s Succeeded
2012.10.19 15:37:21 ExemptUserAgent Farm(Farm)\InfoPath\ExemptUserAgents\MSOffice \MSOffice 1 KB 5.6316361 s Succeeded
2012.10.19 15:37:32 ExemptUserAgent Farm(Farm)\InfoPath\ExemptUserAgents\Slurp\Slurp 1 KB 5.5380355 s Succeeded
2012.10.19 15:37:43 StateService Farm(Farm)\SharePoint Server State Service 82 10.8264694 Succeeded
2012.10.19 15:37:54 StateServiceApplication Farm(Farm)\SharePoint Server State Service\State Service Application 116 11.0136706 Succeeded
2012.10.19 15:38:05 StateServiceApplicationDatabase Farm(Farm)\SharePoint Server State Service\State Service Application\SharePoint_StateService_KHI_KHI-SP-SQL 85 613.9850449 Failed
Error:Backup service database SharePoint_StateService_KHI exception. (APException: A timeout occurred while waiting for generating index start time :Farm(Farm)\SharePoint Server State Service\State Service Application\SharePoint_StateService_KHI_KHI-SP-SQL.) , [ExceptionType:FromMemberAgentException]
2012.10.19 15:48:19 AdminContentDB Farm(Farm)\WSS_Administration\SharePoint Central Administration v4\SharePoint_AdminContent_ea978d1c-78de-4806-af08-73e42cded67d_KHI-SP-SQL(Full) 5 KB 608.660046 s Failed
Error:A timeout occurred while waiting for generating index start time :Farm(Farm)\WSS_Administration\SharePoint Central Administration v4\SharePoint_AdminContent_ea978d1c-78de-4806-af08-73e42cded67d_KHI-SP-SQL.
2012.10.19 15:58:33 FrontEndWebServers Farm(Farm)\Web-Front-End Servers 0 KB 0 s Skipped
Backup Options: VDI
Data Size: total 1 MB data ( < 1 MB DB, < 1 MB SharePoint Index, < 1 MB FAST Search Server Data, No FEW data, 1 MB other data)
Granular Index Details: 0(0) site collections, 0(0) sites, 0(0) lists, 0(0) items.
Data Size: 1.57MB
Run Time: 00:00:09


What version of DocAve are you running? We had timeout errors due to running older code. DocAve uses Sqlite to store the index file. And the Sqlite is configured in a UNC path even if it is local to the server. That path is easily affected by response time. Sometimes an exception will be thrown when accessing the Sqlite located in a UNC path. To avoid this the added new logic to convert the UNC path to a local path. After upgrading to TSM for SP same as DOCAVE our problems went away.

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