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Restore stgpool questions


Hi all

I have been working with a TSM environment on windows that is in pretty rough shape. long story short, everything that could have gone wrong did, stgpools filled up, archive log filled up, TSM crashed hard and after lots of struggles, got it back up and running, however post repair, i am seeing a pile of entries in the actlog referencing ANR1257W Storage pool backup skipping damaged file on volume n:\tsmdata\volumewhatever.bfs, also seeing a bunch of
ANR4895E Deduplicated bitfile 5711451030 on volume N:\TSMDATA\0000BD33.BFS has invalid links. (SESSION: 25995, PROCESS: 781

First thing performed was an audit of the storage pools, with preview=yes. it identified damage and listed out the copy volumes required to repair. Repair was ran against one of the filedevc storage pools, and it still came up with anr1256w volume n:\tsmdata\volumewhatever.bfs contains files that cannot be restored.

I am thinking the next move is to perform a move data against all of the volumes showing that ANR1256W error.

beyond that, i will need to do a lot more research to see what the options are. i fear the storage pools are beyond repair now.

One question, if i create new storage pools, and perform new full backups to the new stgpools, dont enable the deduplication identification processes for a few backups, will this get the environment back into check, obviously the stuff sitting in the old storage pools will eventually expire off .

TSM 7.1.6 running on windows by the way.



TSM noob with 10 years expirience
ADSM.ORG Moderator
If you recreate the stgpools with new names, and start of with new selective backups, then the old data will expire after time.

Or you can run audit volume volname fix=yes to clear up/delete remaining bad stuff.

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