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Aug 9, 2016
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I have TSM environment in version 6.3. Please take a look in to below current configuration:

Site A:

Application Servers
TSM Server (Instance).
Disk Storage for Backups (Primary CopyPool)

Site B:

Disk Storage for Backups (Secondary CopyPool)

All servers are located on Site A and backups are done on Site A storage, after that there is migration to secondary copy on Site B.

Change which has to be done:
There will appear few new servers in the Site B which have to have backup on Storage B, and after that copy these data to Site A.

It can be easily implemented by creating new CopyPools but the question is what about network performance? I'm thinking that in this situation Backup from Servers located in Site B will go through TSM on Site A to Site B. And after that it will be replicated to Site A. In my opinion it's a waist of Network. Is there any possibility to direct push backup from Servers on Site B to Storage on Site B? (Without installing new TSM on site B).
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Nope - you need to have a TSM server in B. Without one, you will do the 360 degree backup routine as you mentioned - backup to pool in A and replicate to B.
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The only possible case would be if you would have tsm in a cluster, backup site a, failover, backup site b. But
1) Based on what you wrote you probably don't have cluster
2) If you would have cluster, you probably don't want to fail there and back every day(i.e., it's crazy, although it does what you want).

By the way, you may want to consider using less confusing naming, i.e. primary stgpool instead of Primary CopyPool and copy stgpool instead of Secondary CopyPool).
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Then, under some circumstances, you may also consider "Copystgpool" parameter of storagepools, which could help somewhat with 2nd copy efficiency(in above mentioned failover scenario), except I'm guessing your B site diskpools are nfs mounts when mounted in A, and probably unsuitable for any of this.
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Thanks for quick replay.
Yes, I have only one TSM Server, no DR TSM ( we are only duplicating TSM DB backups and Data).
Sorry for name confusion, I will try better in the future.

Yes, I'm using "CopyStgPool" Parameter for secondary STG Pool.

It's not good that this kind of implementation is not possible in the TSM environment, I have hope that TSM Support specialists are reading this Forum and they will try to think about implementation of a resolution for this cases.
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Well what you are really asking for is something like cloud solution for very minimalistic site(you want to talk to one IP and send data to another IP - again that would reqire something running on the other site, so back to having TSM Server there). So it's not likely. If you are really too concerned about this and your network between A and B is so bad, you could try some backup using something like robocopy or some other dumb tool, and only backup to TSM via normal ba client(i.e. for data in site B, local non-tsm backup to B, and tsm incremental to A(separate primary pool and no additional copypool for those data). But it's rather complicated solution -> throwing in more resources would be better in most cases.
By the way, "CopyStgPool" is only valid for primary pool. I'm just mentioning it in case it would be something else than you think.
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Thank you for your answers. I will create second TSM after upgrading it to the newest version. And create DR, not Node Replication. It will be Active/NotActive TSMs on both sites x2.

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