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QUADStor VTL library on TSM.


has anyone tried setting up QUADStor VTL library with TSM already? I have an issue finding libvolumes in he library.
I have TSM setup on Windows server, and have Scalar i500 library emulated. Library is defined as scsi (also tried vtl). I defined library and 5 Quantum SDLT320 drives in TSM.
Devices and paths are online. i have not created neither device class or stg pools yet. Just trying to check if i can see a volume
in the drive and check them in into the library. I loaded volumes int othe drives on vtl level and tried checking them in but no luck.
Audit, label processes start and end very quickly but no vols are found. Checking runs forever. Maybe some of you tried
that config, eben single tape drive for test. Drives are defined as SDLT. Maybe there is a problem.
Thanks in advance.
Works fine for me. The TSM server and the VTL are on the same server. You could try a mtx -f /dev/tsmscsi/lb[X] to see if you are using the correct device. Replace /dev/tsmscsi/lib[X] with your device

# /opt/tivoli/tsm/devices/bin/autoconf -a

Tape Drives:
Index Minor Host CHN ID LUN Type Vendor_ID Device_Serial_Number Product_ID Rev.
000 009 010 000 000 000 001 HP 16C1800101 Ultrium 6-SCSI HB91
001 011 012 000 000 000 001 QUANTUM 16C1800201 SDLT320 6.24

Medium Changer Devices:
Index Minor Host CHN ID LUN Type Vendor_ID Device_Serial_Number Product_ID Rev.
000 010 009 000 000 000 008 HP 16C1860010 MSL G3 Series 6.24
001 012 011 000 000 000 008 ADIC 16C18619AB74401FABDE0020 Scalar 24 7000

define library lib0 libtype=scsi autolabel=yes
define path QUADSTOR5 lib0 srctype=server desttype=library device=/dev/tsmscsi/lb1

define drive lib0 drive0
define path QUADSTOR5 drive0 srctype=server desttype=drive library=lib0 device=/dev/tsmscsi/mt1

define devclass class library=lib0 devtype=dlt format=drive

define stgpool pool class maxscratch=120

label libv lib0 search=yes labelsource=barcode overwrite=yes checkin=scratch

q libvolume
ANR2017I Administrator SERVER_CONSOLE issued command: QUERY LIBVOLUME

Library Name Volume Name Status Owner Last Use Home Device
Element Type
------------ ----------- ---------------- ---------- --------- ------- ------
LIB0 SDLT1 Scratch 1,024

show slots lib0
ANR2017I Administrator SERVER_CONSOLE issued command: show slots lib0
PVR slot information for library LIB0.
Library : LIB0
Product Id : Scalar 24
Support module : 2

Mount count : 0

Drives : 1
Slots : 20
Changers : 1
Import/Exports : 4

Device : /dev/tsmscsi/lb1

Drive 0, element 256

Changer 0, element 0

ImpExp 0, element number 768
ImpExp 1, element number 769
ImpExp 2, element number 770
ImpExp 3, element number 771
Slot 0, status Allocated, element number 1024, barcode present, barcode value <SDLT1>, devT=ANY, mediaT=-1, elemT=ANY

slot element range 1024 - 1043

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