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openVMS Alpha agent


Is there a modern or updated TSM client agent for OpenVMS for Alpha. I know there was an Archive Backup Client for OpenVMS on ADSM years ago, but what about now? I'm not finding very much info on the web. Also, is there anything for Oracle RDB? Thanks for any help that can be given.

there is still a product called ABC:


Major features in ABC Version 3.1

Data safety, Full user authentication, Unattended, scheduled backup and archive operations, Easy to use and flexible command line interface

Ad-hoc backup and archive requests, AliasWise (Patent pending) handling of complex alias file structures, Full integration with the TSM server software

Point-in-time restore — you can restore any set of files to a particular date. Logical or physical file space naming — you can name file spaces after either the physical or logical name of the device

Restore entire volumes without first initializing the output volume

ODS-2 Volume Set Support

Enhanced logging capabilities

Enhanced summary output

Open Files can be archived

Data Safety

Archive Backup Client™ (ABC) V3.1 (New!) for OpenVMS systems allows users to connect to Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). Backup, archive, restore, query and manage OpenVMS files stored on TSM servers as a logical extension to the on-line OpenVMS ODS-2 filesystem.

Users can back up, archive, restore, query and manage OpenVMS files stored on TSM servers as a logical extension to the on-line OpenVMS ODS-2 filesystem. If your datacenter has an TSM server, you can use it now to back up your OpenVMS systems. If you are looking for a reliable multi-platform network backup and archive solution that will also handle OpenVMS, then TSM with ABC is your most cost-effective answer.


Peter STORServer
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Thanks! That looks like a more updated link than I was looking at, and I'll be in contact with StorSol and Tivoli Support today to find solutions.

I still need info re: a TSM client for Oracle RDB :grin:

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