NDMP NAS restore performance


Nov 28, 2019
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we have a problem with our performance when performing NDMP restores. We configured the 3-way-solution.

We are testing a new file server where we are already successfully backing up the data to tape using NDMP.

600 GB of data are transferred in 45 minutes. But the restore takes 14.5 hours. The TOC is created during the backup.

The relevant data is located on a single tape.

Can this be related to a configuration issue on our side or is it really the case that the restore is significantly slower?

The backup command was:

backup node VBERLIN2_PBLU_PRD /vberlin2_fs1 mgmtclass=MGM_KEEP3VER toc=yes mode=full

The restore command was:

restore node VBERLIN2_PBLU_PRD /vberlin2_fs1 /vberlin2_fs2_restore

The copygroup with the destinations looks like followed:

Policy Domain Name: FS_ARC
Policy Set Name: FS_ARC_POLSET1
Mgmt Class Name: MGM_KEEP3VER
Copy Group Name: STANDARD
Copy Group Type: Backup
Versions Data Exists: 3
Versions Data Deleted: 0
Retain Extra Versions: 0
Retain Only Version: 0
Copy Mode: Modified
Copy Serialization: Shared Static
Copy Frequency: 0
Table of Contents (TOC) Destination: TSMARC_FS_TAPE_BACKUP

Last Update by (administrator): xxx
Last Update Date/Time: 2020-08-04 12:07:24
Managing profile:
Changes Pending: No

The tape storage pool is configured as followed:

Storage Pool Type: Primary
Device Class Name: J55CLASS_W
Storage Type: DEVCLASS
Cloud Type:
Cloud URL:
Cloud Identity:
Cloud Location:
Estimated Capacity: 152.206,3 G
Space Trigger Util:
Pct Util: 18,695
Pct Migr: 40
Pct Logical: 100
High Mig Pct: 90
Low Mig Pct: 70
Migration Delay: 0
Migration Continue: Yes
Migration Processes: 1
Reclamation Processes: 1
Next Storage Pool:
Reclaim Storage Pool:
Maximum Size Threshold: No Limit
Access: Read/Write
Description: Tape stgpool for backup 3 versions
Overflow Location:
Cache Migrated Files?:
Collocate?: Group
Reclamation Threshold: 60
Offsite Reclamation Limit:
Maximum Scratch Volumes Allowed: 10
Number of Scratch Volumes Used: 7
Delay Period for Volume Reuse: 0 Day(s)
Migration in Progress?: No
Amount Migrated (MB): 0
Elapsed Migration Time (seconds): 0
Reclamation in Progress?: No
Last Update by (administrator): xxx
Last Update Date/Time: 2020-07-01 15:17:38
Storage Pool Data Format: Native
Copy Storage Pool(s):
Active Data Pool(s):
Continue Copy on Error?: Yes
CRC Data: No
Reclamation Type: Threshold
Overwrite Data when Deleted:
Deduplicate Data?: No
Processes For Identifying Duplicates:
Space Used for Protected Data:
Total Pending Space:
Deduplication Savings:
Compression Savings:
Total Space Saved:
Auto-copy Mode: Client
Contains Data Deduplicated by Client?: No
Maximum Simultaneous Writers:
Protect Processes:
Protection Storage Pool:
Protect Local Storage Pool(s):
Reclamation Volume Limit:
Date of Last Protection to Remote Pool:
Date of Last Protection to Local Pool:
Deduplicate Requires Backup?:
Pct Encrypted:
Cloud Space Allocated (MB):
Cloud Space Utilized (MB):
Bucket Name:
Local Estimated Capacity:
Local Pct Util:
Local Pct Logical:

And NAS Node:

Platform: UnityOE
Client OS Level: Unity NAS Server.T. (EMC2)

Client Version:
Application Version: Version 0, release 0, level 0.0
Policy Domain Name: FS_ARC
Last Access Date/Time: 2020-09-03 08:51:34
Days Since Last Access: 4
Password Set Date/Time: 2020-07-29 10:50:49
Days Since Password Set: 40
Invalid Sign-on Count: 0
Locked?: No
Archive Delete Allowed?: Yes
Backup Delete Allowed?: No
Registration Date/Time: 2020-07-01 15:26:24
Registering Administrator: xxx
Last Communication Method Used: NDMP
Bytes Received Last Session:
Bytes Sent Last Session:
Duration of Last Session:
Pct. Idle Wait Last Session:
Pct. Comm. Wait Last Session:
Pct. Media Wait Last Session:
Node Type: NAS
Password Expiration Period:
Keep Mount Point?: No
Maximum Mount Points Allowed: 2
Auto Filespace Rename : No
Validate Protocol: No
TCP/IP Name:
TCP/IP Address:
Globally Unique ID:
Transaction Group Max: 0
Data Write Path: ANY
Data Read Path: ANY
Session Initiation: ClientOrServer
High-level Address:
Low-level Address:
Collocation Group Name:
Proxynode Target:
Proxynode Agent:
Node Groups:
Email Address:
Deduplication: ServerOnly
Users allowed to back up: All
Role Override: UseReported
Processor Vendor:
Processor Brand:
Processor Type:
Processor Model:
Processor Count:
API Application:
Scan Error:
MAC Address:
Replication State: None
Replication Mode: None
Backup Replication Rule: DEFAULT
Archive Replication Rule: DEFAULT
Space Management Replication Rule: DEFAULT
Replication Primary Server:
Last Replicated to Server:
Client OS Name: WIN:Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter
Client Processor Architecture: x64
Client Products Installed:
Client Target Version:
Authentication: Local
SSL Required: Default
Session Security: Strict
Transport Method: SSLTLS12
Split Large Objects: Yes
At-risk type: Default interval
At-risk interval:
Utility URL:
Replication Recovery of Damaged Files: Yes
Decommissioned Date:

And finally Datamover:

Data Mover Name: VBERLIN2_PBLU_PRD
Data Mover Type: NAS
IP Address:
TCP/IP Port Number: 10000
User Name: ndmp
Storage Pool Data Format: EMC Celerra Dump
On-Line: Yes
Last Update by (administrator): xxx
Last Update Date/Time: 2020-07-01 15:29:04

Thanks in advance and best regards,