Migration of data from one container pool to another


Mar 7, 2006
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Hi there,

I have setup a storage rule to tier all data from one container storage pool to another. The reason being the original was just to be used as a temporary space while a new storage pool was being configured and setup. The temporary pool is named 'POOL02'. The primary pool is named 'POOL00'. There were a few backups going to POOL02 until I was able to get POOL00 setup. Once it was setup all backups were then sent to POOL00 and it has been working nicely. Now I would like to regain all space on POOL02 so that I can remove it from Spectrum protect and the server so that it can be repurposed for other uses. I setup the storage rule to tier all data after 0 days with POOL02 as the source to a tape storage pool as the destination, with the job running nightly. Originally it had approx 3TB of space that needed to be moved. It has moved the majority of the data, but for some reason there is still 202GB remaining in POOL02 that just remains the same.
Could anyone explain to me why this 202 GB is holding on, and how would I be able to get that last bit of data moved over??

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
It might have to do with the reuse delay on the containers. The reuse delay should be set the same as the database backups retention, but it doesn't need to be.

Check the status of the containers: query container stgpool={poolname}
If they are in pending, they will be released once the reuse delay is elapsed.
Thanks Marclant. The reuse delay is set to 1 for that particular storage pool and the status of all of the containers is currently 'available' I don't see anything set as pending.
Actually there is a little space for the stgpool that is marked as pending: 1663089254647.png