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Library Attached to Netapp only Problem ANR1094E


HP MSL 6060 Library. FC attached to Netapp only.
Labels tapes no problem but when attempting a backup im getting the following error.

ANR1094E Invalid destination storage pool ******_NETAPPDUMP specified for storage of an object using data mover ******

Im out of ideas, we were previously doing NDMP over the LAN with the library connect to TSM but it was too slow.

I've recreated the NAS node and the data mover since changing to directly connected to the Netapp.

Details of setup below:

Node Name: ****
Platform: NetApp
Client OS Level: NetApp Release 8.1.2 7-Mode (Network Appliance)
Client Version:
Application Version: Version 0, release 0, level 0.0
Policy Domain Name: NETAPP
Invalid Sign-on Count: 0
Locked?: No
Archive Delete Allowed?: Yes
Backup Delete Allowed?: No
Last Communication Method Used: NDMP
Node Type: NAS
Keep Mount Point?: No
Maximum Mount Points Allowed: 2
Auto Filespace Rename : No
Validate Protocol: No
Globally Unique ID:
Transaction Group Max: 0
Data Write Path: ANY
Data Read Path: ANY
Session Initiation: ClientOrServer
High-level Address:
Low-level Address:
Collocation Group Name:
Proxynode Target:
Proxynode Agent:
Node Groups:
Email Address:
Deduplication: ServerOnly
Users allowed to back up: All

Split Large Objects: Yes


Data Mover Name: ****
Data Mover Type: NAS
IP Address: *.*.*.*
TCP/IP Port Number: 10000
User Name: s_ndmpsvc
Storage Pool Data Format: NetApp Dump
On-Line: Yes
Last Update by (administrator): ******
Last Update Date/Time: 01/21/2016 12:27:06


Storage Pool Name: ****_NDMPDUMP
Storage Pool Type: Primary
Device Class Name: ****_NDMP
Estimated Capacity: 0.0 M
Space Trigger Util:
Pct Util: 0.0
Pct Migr:
Pct Logical: 0.0
High Mig Pct:
Low Mig Pct:
Migration Delay:
Migration Continue:
Migration Processes:
Reclamation Processes:
Next Storage Pool:
Reclaim Storage Pool:
Maximum Size Threshold:
Access: Read/Write
Overflow Location:
Cache Migrated Files?:
Collocate?: Group
Reclamation Threshold:
Offsite Reclamation Limit:
Maximum Scratch Volumes Allowed: 999
Number of Scratch Volumes Used: 0
Delay Period for Volume Reuse: 0 Day(s)
Migration in Progress?:
Amount Migrated (MB):
Elapsed Migration Time (seconds):
Reclamation in Progress?:
Last Update by (administrator): ******
Last Update Date/Time: 01/20/2016 18:19:36
Storage Pool Data Format: NetApp Dump
Copy Storage Pool(s):
Active Data Pool(s):
Continue Copy on Error?: Yes
CRC Data: No
Reclamation Type: Threshold
Overwrite Data when Deleted:
Deduplicate Data?: No
Processes For Identifying Duplicates:
Duplicate Data Not Stored:
Auto-copy Mode:
Contains Data Deduplicated by Client?: No


Device Class Name: ****_NDMP
Device Access Strategy: Sequential
Storage Pool Count: 1
Device Type: NAS
Format: DRIVE
Est/Max Capacity (MB): 102,400,000.0
Mount Limit: DRIVES
Mount Wait (min): 60
Mount Retention (min): 0
Label Prefix: ADSM
Drive Letter:
Library: ***39
Server Name:
Retry Period:
Retry Interval:
High-level Address:
Minimum Capacity:
Drive Encryption:
Scaled Capacity:
Primary Allocation (MB):
Secondary Allocation (MB):
Expiration Date:
Logical Block Protection:
ast Update by (administrator): *****
Last Update Date/Time: 01/20/2016 18:17:04


Policy Domain Name: NETAPP
Policy Set Name: ACTIVE
Mgmt Class Name: NETAPP_CLASS
Copy Group Name: STANDARD
Copy Group Type: Backup
Versions Data Exists: No Limit
Versions Data Deleted: No Limit
Retain Extra Versions: 730
Retain Only Version: 730
Copy Mode: Modified
Copy Serialization: Shared Static
Copy Frequency: 0
Copy Destination: ****_NETAPPDUMP
Table of Contents (TOC) Destination:
Last Update by (administrator): ******
Last Update Date/Time: 01/21/2016 12:05:08
Managing profile:
Changes Pending: No


ADSM.ORG Moderator
Do you have a stgpool named "******_NETAPPDUMP"? The output Q STG shows this instead: ****_NDMPDUMP

The copy destination must point to a proper storage pool, that's what ANR1094E means.

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