ISL coniguration step by step


Jun 7, 2006
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Hi I am new to brocade can any let me know how to configure the brocade switch ISL step by step from command line
Using the commandline would not be desirable for a newbie.

I suggest you use the web interface and read the basic steps from the user guide.

In general, you would need to pay attention with what ports are available or have been activated and zoning. Make sure that the fiber cables are compatible with the HBAs that you have.
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Brocade has a very good Web interface (mainly based on JAVA Applet) for configuring and managing the Switch and all connected ISL switches. Doing it with command line is not a good practice, because you need more time on doing it and might do mistake.

To do an ISL, you have to consider lot of things.
1. Are you trying to do the ISL on Switches which are in long distant. I mean if it is more than 10 KM then you need supported SFP as well as the license for that.
2. Are you doing it with your DR site , then what kind of communication link you are using... I mean are you using dark fibre or iFCP through multiprotocol router.
3. If you are using the Dark Fibre and got the license... first you need to change the Domain ID of the San Switch. Both the switch which will be on ISL can not have same domain IDs.
4. You have to do the trunking if you need more ports to work togather (for higher bandwidth) for ISL
5. You have to do Zoning

Please read the documents that comes with the SAN switch.

For a faster path download the IBM redbook on "SAN16B-2 Implemention"
Hi there, when a DS4200 / 4700 etc.. is first put in place, how is the I.P. address assigned as at this stage it will not be on the network? Do you need to connect to it directly? Any initial setup guidelines would be appreciated, and Fibre Cabling tips...

Many thanks
I forgot the default IP address assigned on the remote management port. Read the User's or Admin's guide for this info.

That's what I thought... remote.. But if it's not yet assigned an I.P., it cannot be done remotely? Do I connect directly on the intial setup?
As I have mentioned before, can't remember the default Remote IP address (the management port). What I do is get a laptop, connect it directly to the RJ-45 jack with a cross-over cable and configure the IP address the way I wanted it.