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Is there any current OpenVMS client software?


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Is anybody backing up OpenVMS machines with TSM?

If so, what are you using?

I am looking for current client software for OpenVMS to back up to a TSM server (running on AIX 5.1).

Thanks in advance,





There is no TSM client software that we have been able to find, but there is a third party (non Tivoli/IBM) backup client that runs on VMS that will backup to a TSM server.

We are currently evaluating software from Storserver ( http://www.storserver.com/) that will perform the same duties as a TSM client (aside of scheduling). It has the simple file backup client and also an analog of the TSM TDP for Oracle (called SDP on VMS).

As I say, we are currently evaluating, but its performance has been fine so far.

Our TSM servers are also on AIX 5.1 with TSM server 5.2.

Hope this helps.


We've been using the StorServer software that "synalon" mentioned for about 2 years. It works great. It is a 3rd party software so most of the setup is on the VMS side and TSM console/activity log only reports when the session started and ended, no totals or details. The details are on the VMS client. The VMS system admins have done several restores with no problems. Our TSM is now on with AIX 5.2, but we used it in a TSM 5.1 environment on AIX 4.3.3. also before we upgraded last year.


We also purchased the StorServer product, and I have a warning. This product would have been fine, but the lone server we had that desparately needed it has thousands upon thousands of small document imaging files. StorServer's support finally admitted that they could not handle that type of environment, that most of their clients are big business, banks, etc..., mostly large files to transfer. Too bad they didn't tell me that when we were first thinking of purchasing. But at least it was cost-effective (not expensive), and it wasn't my money, right? :rolleyes:


By the way, that may not have come across as a ringing endorsement of the product, but like I said it would have been great dealing with larger files in a smaller environment. Also, at the time (a year ago) there was no other client for OpenVMS on the market.

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