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Aug 12, 2008
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[SOLVED] Initial Login - Automate

I know this has been asked a few times but I have yet to find a post that has given a solid answer.

IDEAL: I want to know what method(s) are out there, specificially for a TSM Windows Client (6.2.x), to automate the the initial username and password prompt by the TSM client.

GOAL: Install, configure and register a Windows TSM client all remotely, not interfering with the user of the computer.

Methods I have tried/looked into:

  • Looked into supplying a username and password switch - they don't exist for the client
  • Looked into a response.dat file - others experience stated it read the first line of the response file but not the second (password) line.
  • Tried using sendkeys script - could not run or use sendkeys remotely
  • Tried using 'psexec \\nodename cmd' and then execute dsmc remotely - dsmc hangs after entering the nodename (yes, not automated but fulfills the Goal)
All above have given me a dead end. If anyone is using any method that works, I would be very grateful if you share that method.
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So by installing the TSM Scheduler using the dsmcutil command did not set the password so it would not be needed? If you run the install then run the dsmcutil command on the server after the install completes it should set the password. Of course you need to dump a default dsm.opt file to the client with your install script. Remember if you don't put a nodename it uses the the servers hostname so all you would need to do is copy over a basic dsm.opt that has the tcp settings for the client along with passwordaccess generate. I could be wrong but I thought that was how we did it when I actually did admin Windows server backups (years ago).
It's interesting really. I thought originally that the dsmcutil command would have set the password. It does not.

Just to mention, before hand I setup the new node on the TSM server with a password, schedule, etc.

Then our script copies the client files from a network share to the local PC, installs TSM via the *.msi file (we suppress the reboots and have it perform silently), copy over a dsm.opt file, install the scheduler and cad (with dsmcutil) and all that works.

However, the node will miss its schedule until it is manually logged into once. Then the password is cached and life is wonderful.

I am focusing on the windows clients because we backup a lot of workstations, which will be increased in the near future and I, being lazy, do not want to have to remote every machine and log in once. Also, I thought it might be nice as a final troubleshooting step, to uninstall TSM and reinstall it via a script.

Really I don't think this is out of the question. Does this mean that no one has a method for an automated initial log in?

yes, there is. Run
dsmc set password <password> <password_again>

Hi Raakin,

Can you provide me the steps that you carry out ..
I have yet to fully automate this in a script but for testing purposes I used the command line 'sysinternals psexec' to remote a PC.

Setup: A PC I will remote to had TSM installed but did not have the password initialized, thus causing it to miss a scheduled backup. After the below steps the PC completed a backup with a test schedule.

  1. On my workstation
    1. Open a command prompt
    2. Use sysinternals 'psexec' program to remote the test windows PC.
    3. Browse to "C:\Program Files\Tivoli\tsm\baclient" directory on the remote PC.
    4. Execute the command mentioned by Harry
      1. dsmc set password <password> <password>
    5. Exit out of psexec and command prompt
  2. On the TSM server-
    1. Set a test schedule for the remote PC.
    2. Watch the test schedule.
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