How to validate size of backed up file between two pools?


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Oct 30, 2019
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How can you compare the size of a file on the primary pool versus the copy pool versus the OS?

A file could span tapes; something has to, clearly, so maybe it's not trivial. But can you compare `query content volume filespace format=detail` against what the OS reports, for each pool? I tried that, and the numbers don't match the OS (`/bin/ls -l filename`). The documentation gets into segments and aggregates, and ... sheesh! Why can't they just keep it simple. Maybe `query content` is not the best choice for this?

Something like `dsmc q backup /path_to_fname/ -detail` does match the OS, but this doesn't separately address the pools. How do you determine that they both have the same size for the given file?

Maybe I have it all wrong, and trying to do something like this is moot?
PREDATAR Control23

The OS reports the size of the file (/tmp/full.out) as 2564 bytes. Here's the pertinent entry from content query:

q content volume1 node=node_name filespace=/tmp format=detail

Node Name: node-name
Type: Bkup
Filespace Name: /tmp
Hexadecimal Filespace Name:
Client's Name for File: /full.out
Hexadecimal Client's Name for File:
Aggregated?: 2/2
Stored Size: 1,999
Segment Number: 1/1
Cached Copy?: No
Linked: No
Fragment Number:

Is there another piece(s) that I would have to locate and then add?