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How to reset tdp-exchange password if old pw don't match?


We're using tsm 7.1.1 and tdp-Exchange 7.1.1 since April this year, and until yesterday it works fine. but yesterday our tdp-Exchange backup faild with error ANS1352E The session is rejected. Your password has expired.
we did't set an expiration date for the client, so I think that 90 days password expiration take effekt.
so we updated pw on the dp for Exchange Management console. we inserted the old pw, enterd a new pw (server-password, not the client pw for the tsm ba client), like we did on installation of the tdp.
Now the error message is ANS1025E Session rejected: Authentication failure.
I updated the tdp node pw on the command line of the tsm Server, with force=yes, but it seems that it did'nt work.
The error stil exists.
Tried to update password on the tdpexcc-cmd: tdpexcc changetsmpassword "old" "new" verifypassword. Same error.
I think that we enterd a mismatching password while updating in the dp management gui,
BA-client works fine, but tsm can not connect to the tdp

Session ... (TDP MSExchg) refused - node password has expired.
Session ... (TDP MSExchg) refused - invalid password submitted.

Any idea hot to reset an unknown password for the tdp?


ADSM.ORG Moderator
You will need to talk to your TSM administrator to reset the password for that node and unlock it if it got locked.

I suggest in the future you "passwordaccess generate" to avoid this.


I am the tsm administrator :-(
the node isn't locked and in the clients opt-file is "passwordaccess generate" set.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
Ok, just reset the password for the node, if the last known password doesn't work: HELP UPDATE NODE

Is passwordaccess generate also in the TDP .opt file? The client opt file is for the Baclient only, not for TDP.

Note that when using passwordaccess generate, if the nodename is used on a different machine, it can bring the password out of synch like you are seeing and a reset is the only thing you can do to get that node to work again.


update node "servername_exc" "PW" forcep=yes on dsmadmc.
ANR2063I Node servername_EXC updated.

Starting backup on the Management GUI ->
16.07.2015 13:35:53 ANR0425W Session 1648735 for node Servername_EXC (TDP MSExchg) refused - node password has expired.
16.07.2015 13:35:53 ANR0424W Session 1648736 for node Servername_EXC (TDP MSExchg) refused - invalid password submitted.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
Was TDP closed when you updated the password?
Were you prompted for the password when starting TDP, then prompted to change it?

I'm not sure if TDP can handle forcep=yes. Try updating the password without it, then just login to TDP with the password you just set.


TDP was closed. No prompting after starting gui again.
But now it seems that the problem is fixed.
Authentication can be forced by using cmd on the client an doing a "q sched -optfile=(tdp-optfile). This connects the client to the tsm-server and asks for nodename ans password. After doing so the backup run fine... Hope the problem didn't return in 90 days...


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Try to reset also administrative ID - client owner account.
upd adm <node_name> <pwd> passe=0
Set pwd same as node password

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