Help about a monitoring project


Mar 29, 2016
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Hello everyone,
I'm currently working on a java web application to monitor multiple TSM servers and i need ur advice abt the best way to do it. i thought of creating a new database which includes servers and its backups. My struggle is how can i poll data from TSM servers to my new database.Anyone can help me how can i implement polling from tsm servers to my local database?
Thanks in advance
Spectrum Protect Plus and the Operations Center have a REST API you might be able to use. I do not think the dsmserv process has a REST API but I could be wrong.

Or you could query actlog for each server for the previous 24 hours, drop it all to a file and parse it with your favorite tool of choice and load it into the db. Once or twice a day I do that to create a simple webpage for analyst to quickly check the status of and last backup time of their servers. It also shows if it was a manual run or part of the schedule.

Depending on how deep you want to go, you could build your application, and have it call dsmadmc and execute queries on the fly to the servers as the target audience moves about. Then you would not need a database, unless there was something specific you wished to log greater than the actlog allows. Say if you wanted 2 years of data or so.

Just a few thoughts.
Good luck!