FILE volumes 100% used (with long term archive data) and full sized but contain only a fraction of the size


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Jun 3, 2009
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I had a look at a new customer's TSM 7.1.4 server. Yes, I know its EOS, but I that's why I was called. They plan to replace the TSM server next year and thereby upgrade it but I should already have a look and analyze the current situation. I noticed several misconfigurations (E.G. last TSM DB backup was 2,5 years old...) and fixed them, but there is one strange thing that really puzzles me:
Only STGPOOL is of type FILE. Device Class defines max volume size as 10G. Because it stores long term archive data, no data was deleted in the past, so all FULL volumes are 100% utilized and I checked that all the volumes really use 10G on the disk. But here comes the strange thing: Most of the volumes show an estimated capacity of just 3-6 GB! I issued a move data command for the FULL volume with the smallest esptimated capacity of only 1,3 GB (but also displayed as 100% utilized). TSM opened a new volume and while the move data process counted the MB moved up to those 1,3 GB, but the size of the new volume grow by 10 GB and therefor was also full after the process ended. Although TSM only knows about 1,3 GB of valid data in this volume it moves the full 10GB, which doesn't make sense to me. An audit volume also completes without any problems detected or changes made to the displayed utilization or size of the volumes. I never saw such a strange behaviour on a TSM server.

Does anyone have an idea or knows about a bug that causes this behaviour? Any hint is really apreciated, although I know that its a really long time since most of you used such an old TSM version (released in 2016).

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I think TSM uses 256kb blocks in the FILE device class. If we assume a large number of objects, it will be approximately the same situation. You can try to backup 50k files of 1kb each...