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File last access dates too recent to migrate.


Did anyone have a problem with last access date on files that are to current to migrate? I know that most of these files haven't been access, but the reporting I am getting shows that something is changing the last access date time stamp for files on these Windows servers. Do you have to turn off Norton or McAfee software or do something else? I am aware that HSM works best for files that haven't been access for a while to migrate. Please help.
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You can migrate files based on many things. I will assuming you have everything setup to migrate based on last access only.

HSM for Windows is tested to work well with Norton and McAfee for some versions. They do not test with hotfixes and patches on these products. You may want to check the documentation to make sure this isn't the issue.

Also, I noticed .zip files being recalled when a windows client was using explorer to browse the folders. This may also be your problem or some varaint of it.

I would recommend navigating to the files that arn't moving with a command window and checking their last access time using dir. "dir /ta" will show the last access times. If they really are being updated to a different time then I would use filemon or a similar utility to see what was changing the times.


We are using a SRM that reports last access for server files (pretty generic....i.e. pulling everything from local drives). All these are Windows servers. I have used HSM in a UNIX environment and never seen last access date issues like I am seeing for Windows where the last access time stamp shows very current (i.e. within 57 hours of use for all files), which seems very fishie, to me. We are using McAfee 8.0i and I am checking to find out if there is any issues using it with HSM. Has anyone ever had a problem with this? If so, what did you do to resolve this issue?

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