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Fastback DR Cleanup


Active Newcomer
I'm looking for a way to cleanup my DR folders. I have 4 fastback servers which all point to one FTP server. This space is not being cleaned up. Has anyone found any documentation on how to clean up the old jobs? Is this something we have to script? Any insight on how to keep your DR hub server (is not a TSM server just FTP) clean?

Thanks in advance.




Active Newcomer
I created a PMR. Apparently the cleanup process should also clean your DR site as well. I belive this is happening. The issue has become more clear in that my delta file for my SQL server was growing beyond belief. The g:\ vol was keeping 1TB of space when its actual size was only 300GB (80 used).

When signing in as technician I was able to see incremental back from January that were never deleted. These were saved in order to maintain a consistent snapshot according to support. The fix is I suppose to run weekly fulls for SQL. Since it never seems to clean up the incremental.


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Let us know how you get on with this - seems like something that could bite us all on the backside sooner or later.

For me, running weekly fulls of SQL Databases is *exactly* what I don't want to do as it's one of the reasons for using FastBack in the first place (i.e., incremental forever without requirement for regular full).
David Mc
London, UK


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
FB (using FTP DR method)

Anyone know what the answer is? Doing a test, I had 30GB of data for a FB client, and sent it to FB DR Hub.

On FB Server, I deleted all snapshots of this client and ran cleanup. The data is removed from FB Server but still remains on FB DR Hub.

(the account doing the FTP has rights to delete on the DR Hub)
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The technote http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docvie...id=swg21459986 describe how FastBack DR behave when you delete a policy / chain in the source site.
If nothing was deleted, the source repository will usually be equal or larger than the replicated copy of it in the DR site. If this is not the case you should open a ticket with IBM support. The only safe way to clean the DR repository is to do file diff between the source and the target and see which files exist on the DR site, make sure they are not needed any more and then manually delete them. DELETING WRONG FILES CAN CAUSE DATA LOSS!!! so don't do it unless you're very familiar with the way the repository and replication work!!!

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