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Excluding ASR


ADSM.ORG Senior Member
Can I exclude Windows2003 ASR from backing up with "DOMAIN -ASR" in the dsm.opt file. We have one server which has NEVER allowed its ASR files to backup. It fails everytime since it was built and has no ASR filespace in TSM.

I get a morning report with "Failed" for clients that fail. This one obviously always fails, so to know if something more happened than just the ASR failing, I have to go looking thru other avenues to be sure.

Knowing this is an issue and the Windows admins have no idea why (NTBackup test also fails to back it up), I'd like to exlude it.



domain ALL-LOCAL -systemstate
domain ALL-LOCAL -systemstate

Check the IBM docs for more information about ASR in conjunction to SYSTEMSTATE.

ASR is part of SYSTEMSTATE in W2K3 server and VISTA and part of SYSTEMOBJECT in XP.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
domain all-local
exclude.systemstate asr
or some such.

I don't have the exact syntax handy, but I had to use (something like) this to exclude Active Directory on a Windows XP box. That one worked, I know that for sure. Maybe it just can't be done in the domain directive.


That would be (from the TSM B/A Client for Windows manual):

Excludes individual system objects from backup services. Excluded system object types that you backed up previously are not expired during subsequent backups. This option only excludes the system object types that you specify from subsequent backups. This option is valid for Windows XP clients only.

On Windows XP only, and I was unable to find an exclude.systemstate.
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As far as I've found, there is no way to exclude just the ASR files. If you exclude the entire systemstate, I believe it excludes the ASR files, but that obviously excludes a whole lot more.

Would be a nice feature in the next version or whatever. No one I know even uses the ASR files to recover a W2k3 system anyway.

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