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Deleting a STGPOOL and get disk space back.


Active Newcomer
It is a disk based Primary storage pool with no dedup/compression.

For a disk pool, after delete the stgpool, the question is:

if it is necessary to delete directories from OS to free up the space?


If reclamation process has to be involved at all to free up the space?


ADSM.ORG Moderator
If reclamation process has to be involved at all to free up the space?
If the volumes are already deleted from Spectrum Protect, then reclamation has nothing to process because the volumes don't exist as far as Spectrum Protect is concerned.

So if the files that used to be the stgpool volumes still exist on the disk after deleting them from Spectrum Protect, you will need to manually delete them.


Active Newcomer
Thanks for explaining the reclamation part.

If we already deleted all volumes in the stgpool, and then delete the stgpool itself, should any files still exist in OS directories?

The reason I am asking is because the stgpool here is an appliance as a NFS mount, and used for evicting backups to Cloud. data on the appliance and Cloud is managed by TSM software, and almost impossible to use OS commands to delete data on NFS share.


Active Newcomer
If I delete a volume (5GB, ex) from TSM, the corresponding file/volume will be then gone from OS , and I will have 5GB more available on OS without the need of using OS command to delete the file. Correct?


What matters is what kind of disk storage pool it is. It is either:

DEVCLASS=DISK (random access disk space)
DEVTYPE=FILE (sequential access disk files; DEVCLASS will be a name of your choosing)

There has been debate for years about which is better; we aren't going to argue that here. We use both.

If it's DISK, reclamation is not involved. Data moves out via migration, and then it's gone. Once it's really empty, you can Q VOL to see the files that make up the stgpool, then DELETE VOL for each. If it's not really empty, DELETE VOL will fail; use MOVE DATA to empty it. Once all TSM volumes are deleted, you can reuse the space for other uses. DELETE STGPOOL can be good housekeeping, but it is not necessary.

If it's FILE, you need to reclaim each file (aka volume). If you set it up for allocating from scratch, then reclamation (or MOVE DATA) will delete each file (volume) as it is emptied, after the reuse delay. If it's set up for permanent allocation, then you can DELETE VOL once it shows as empty. The space can be reused once you use UPDATE DEVCLASS to leave out the directories you want to repurpose, while leaving in the others you want to keep using. It is OK to UPDATE DEVCLASS before you reclaim or DELETE VOL, which will prevent any new allocations in the space you want to empty, as you work.

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