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Assign to a new TSM server the management of files previously managed from an old one

Discussion in 'Hierarchical Storage Management' started by tivolimistery, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. tivolimistery

    tivolimistery ADSM.ORG Member

    Oct 10, 2009
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    Hi all,

    I'll try to explain better my problem starting from my environment:

    - we have 2 HPC cluster, for example C1 and C2;
    - on C1 is mounted a GPFS file system ( for example FS1 ) managed by HSM;
    - on C2 is mounted a GPFS file system ( for example FS2 ) managed by HSM;
    - FS1 and FS2 data have been managed, until today, by the same TSM server (v.5.5).

    Now, I would like to do this:
    - create a new TSM server and some new TSM clients ( using a more recent and supported version );
    - continue to manage FS1 data (resident and already migrated data) using old TSM server;
    - start managing FS2 data (resident and already migrated data on old TSM server) using new TSM client and server.

    PROBLEM: FS2 file system is about 171TB and 400TB (of FS2 data) have already been migrated using old TSM client and server.

    How can I "move" FS2 HSM managed data from old TSM server to the new one?
    I would like to avoid recalling all 400TB ( little by little ) and migrate them again using the new server.
    Someone could help me?!

    Thanks again.
    Mauro Tridici

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