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ANS1329S Server out of data storage space


We have 2 storagepools
DEDUPPOOL - file pool for deduplication
TAPEPOOL - tape pool - not deduplication pool; next storage pool for DEDUPPOOL.

I have error "ANS1329S Server out of data storage space" on client after partial migration data from DEDUPPOOL to TAPEPOOL (HighMigPct=70, LowMigPct=50) and next operations writes data not in DEDUPPOOL, but to TAPEPOOL. And in this time DEDUPPOOL not full and have a lot of free space.

StoragePool DeviceClass EstimatedCapacity PctUtil PctMigr HighMigPct LowMigPct NextSTG

DEDUPPOOL FILE 65,496.2 G 66.413 66.413 70 50 TAPEPOOL
TAPEPOOL TAPE 2,585,458 G 32.503 93.667 90 70


oh, I'm see that scratch tape=0.
I will add new tapes to the TAPE Library.
Yes, DEDUPPOOL is disk pool and devclass=FILE.
And I see that in DEDUPPOOL
Maximum Scratch Volumes Allowed: 64
Number of Scratch Volumes Used: 64


ADSM.ORG Moderator
Scratch volumes in DEDUPPOOL? Node collocation is enable for TAPEPOOL and DEDUPPOOL.
You can't collocate a deduppool that is a directory container, which means your deduppool must be using a file device class. You can check with Q STG F=D, look at the Storage Type.

If that is the case, I would disable node collocation for the deduppool, it's creating more problem than it's solving because you can't use all the volumes unless a node can fill them. Plus, the reason for collocation is for tapes because of the wait times with mounting and seeking, which doesn't exist with files.

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