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ANR9999D Drive LTO down

Hello everyone,

during the backup process I received errors and one drive goes down.

I have TSM 5.1.0 and drive's conected with storage agent, the backups are OK, but yesterday, during a backup client this was the error in the activity log:

ANR8337I LTO volume A00034 mounted in drive MT0.0.0.3


09/17/2002 22:18:44 ANR9999D psntpop.c(1156): ThreadId<56> Invalid the sense

data. Internal error

09/17/2002 22:18:44 ANR8302E I/O error on drive MT0.0.0.3 (mt0.0.0.3)

(OP=GETPOS, Error Number=121, CC=0, KEY=00, ASC=00,

ASCQ=00, SENSE=**NONE**, Description=An undetermined

error has occurred). Refer to Appendix D in the

'Messages' manual for recommended action.

09/17/2002 22:18:44 ANR9999D pvrntp.c(6030): ThreadId<56> BLOCK LOCATE ERROR,

VOL=A00034, DRIVE=MT0.0.0.3 (mt0.0.0.3): Expected BlockID

2301; actual locate 0.

09/17/2002 22:18:44 ANR1411W Access mode for volume A00034 now set to

"read-only" due to write error.

09/17/2002 22:19:32 ANR8337I LTO volume A00004 mounted in drive MT0.1.0.2


09/17/2002 22:19:43 ANR1340I Scratch volume A00004 is now defined in storage

pool SPP_BBDD.

09/17/2002 22:23:47 ANR8302E I/O error on drive MT0.0.0.3 (mt0.0.0.3)

(OP=OFFL, Error Number=1117, CC=0, KEY=00, ASC=00,



., Description=An undetermined error

has occurred). Refer to Appendix D in the 'Messages'

manual for recommended action.

09/17/2002 22:23:48 ANR8469E Dismount of LTO volume A00034 from drive

MT0.0.0.3 (mt0.0.0.3) in library LB0.0.0.2 failed.

09/17/2002 22:23:48 ANR9999D mmsscsi.c(1718): ThreadId<56> Volume may still be

in the drive MT0.0.0.3 (mt0.0.0.3).

09/17/2002 22:23:48 ANR8446I Manual intervention required for library


09/17/2002 22:23:48 ANR1410W Access mode for volume A00034 now set to


09/17/2002 22:23:48 ANR8475I Dismount of volume A00034 failed. It may still be

in the drive.

09/17/2002 22:23:53 ANR8336I Verifying label of LTO volume A00004 in drive ;)

I dont' like these errors because the drive is down after the error and during the night, and wouldn't like another unexpected error.

Do you see these erros before?

Can you help me?

Thanks for all



I had an error almost like that on my system. The robotics just went to craps. I had to manually take the tape out and bring back up. The drive had a hard time with the tape and the tape was fine. Not sure what the deal was. Maybe it was tired.hahahaha

What I did was cleaned all the drive.

Make sure that tape had no errors on it. You should be able to check that. Check the activity log to see any other type of tape errors. Not sure if this helps.

I wish people from Tivoli would responed to these topics.

Good Luck!

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