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ANR2716E Schedule prompter was not able to contact client


I have installed the TSM client on a Windows Server 2003 Standard. I have set up the TSM server for this client the same as any other client I have installed in the last three years. I can preform manual backups from the client but when the scheduled time comes for the automated backup it does not work. The following message is written to the daily log file.
"ANR2716E Schedule prompter was not able to contact client
OMH-SERVER using type 1 (omh-server.oconeemed.org 4112)."
This client is on a different domain than the TSM server and the rest of the clients. the TSM server and clients are on the oconeemed.org domain while this particular client is on another domain. I have added this clients IP address to the TSM servers Host file using omh-server.oconeemed.org as the host name for the clients IP Adress. The clients actual domain is different but I set it as oconeemed.org at the suggestion of the Network Admin. I can ping the client from the TSM server using the IP Address and now using omh-server since writing this information in the host file.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


ADSM.ORG Moderator
It looks like TSM is attempting to start the session (server based vs client based) You might want to fill out the HL address (fully qualified hostname) and LL address (port it connects to) and see if that makes a difference.

It did not work for me. I have about 5 servers with the same problem, 3 servers do not have DNS entries but I setup the HL and LL addresses, and the other 2 boxes reside behind a load balancer with all ports opened but register a separate ip with the TSM server because they're behind the load balancer. 1 box is server 2000 and the other 4 are server 2003.


I just recently had this exact same issue and found a solution that worked for me so I thought I would share.

The solution was in the DNS server. Under reverse resolution, I found entries for some old servers that had the same IP as the new one. I removed those entries and finally had a successful night of scheduled backups.

Hope this helps.
En ocasiones en el DNS se repiten ip porque hay url (aplicaciones) montadas en dicho servidor, en cuyo caso no se pueden borrar las duplicadas en la zona inversa, creo que debes revisar en el archivo .opt o dsm.sys para ver si no tienes otras tareas de backup configuradas que estan en modo listening y usan el mismo puerto... me sucedio que tengo tres politicas de backup, diaria, semanal y mensual, y si usan el mismo puerto la tarea falla en caso de tener la planificación en modo prompted... es necesario en este caso que cada uno suba con un puerto diferente...

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