Activity log stops logging entries


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Jan 14, 2022
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PREDATAR Control23

Stop/start TSM to get it writing again. IBM Spectrum Protect Server for AIX - Version 8, Release 1, Level 1.000 any run across this issue
PREDATAR Control23

I encounter that issue years ago.
I got the following from support.

The solution in the above tech doc did not work for me.
I ended up upgrading the TSM Server to since I was at the maintenance level.

The above doc list several APAR dealing with the actlog but nothing about no messages being written into the actlog.

I would upgrade the SP Server to . If you don't like to be at the bleeding edge, then .

Good Luck,
PREDATAR Control23

So now I have another question, client wants to restore data from 2022, tapes are in a location=VAULT. What is the best way to get these backup tapes into the library for a restore. The only msg I have seen is change access to readwrite and that would make them mountable, but that did not work.