[NV-L] Data Center Move - Netview/TEC/TMR

2007-10-19 13:20:55
Subject: [NV-L] Data Center Move - Netview/TEC/TMR
From: "Eberhardt, Karen" <Karen.Eberhardt AT tdbanknorth DOT com>
To: <nv-l AT d25lcore003.mkm.can.ibm DOT com>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 13:19:19 -0400

We are undergoing a data center consolidation. As a part of that our Netview, TEC, and TMR servers (each is on a different server) need to be moved to the new data center (in Canada…we are in the US). Additionally, the ip addresses and hostnames of these servers are scheduled to change.  Netview and TEC are both managed nodes of the TMR server.  I am attempting to identify the best plan to do this.  Is there a specific order in which this should be done for it to work? Is it best to image the servers and change config files OR are there backup/restore functions for each application that would make more sense to use? If the new server hardware isn’t an exact match is that of concern? I am looking for any advice/expertise to hopefully avoid any major pitfalls with this process. Additionally, they want to keep the existing servers up and running for a bit to confirm that everything on the new servers is functioning correctly. Are there any problems that we might need to consider as a result of this?


Thanks for any assistance or advice anyone can provide!


- Karen


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