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2005-09-08 10:41:49
Subject: Re: [nv-l] endpoint error
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Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 07:39:29 -0700

I know wdmcheckprereq will tell you all of what you need for prereq's ( more than likely, you will require more than just the jre ).  And I thought there was an mdist command to distribute java, but I cannot member it at the moment.

Ray Smith

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Hi, everybody
       I want to know what parameter Ihave to take
on, to create the RIM object, I have installed TMF
4.1.1, TMON 5.1.2 and TEC 3.9 in a Suse Linux
       Whe in try to comunicate with the endpoints
with the wdmleseng -e Name_ep it said the engine is
not running or is unrecheable.
        After that in run the wdmcmd -restart -e
Name_ep but after a few mininutes its fail to start
because a time out error in the log a find this

Sep 07 16:42:12 1 lcfd Spawning:
ses: 2967f96d
which: no java in
Sep 07 16:43:17 1 lcfd Spawning:
ses: 2967f96e

Its looks like i have not JRE installed, how can I
install this with DM???
I have to create a RIM object to DM work properly?
I have no experience with TM, in our office we use
oracle how can I create athe RIM object ..




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