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2004-09-14 04:27:06
Subject: Re: [nv-l] Servmon question
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Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 09:14:36 +0100
Hi Pritesh,
I think netmon and servmon will do exactly as you want. netmon discovers the nodes and generates the Interface(s) Added and Node Added events. servmon DOES note these. I suspect there will not be an instantaneous servmon poll of the new device but you control the servmon discovery interval (it's the new entries under Options - > SNMP Polling). I am told that you should not set the discovery poll interval to less than 1 hour.
When the next servmon discovery poll runs, whatever services are
configured in /usr/OV/conf/servmon.conf for discovery, these services
will be discovery-polled on all appropriate nodes, including the newly
added one. The next-to-last field in a servmon.conf entry specifies
which discovered nodes in your object database should be tested for a
particular service - the default entries are shipped with "*" which
means test everything. (Note this could be VERY intensive if you have a
huge object database).
If you want to see what is happening, look at /usr/OV/log/servmon.log.

Pritesh Jewan wrote:

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the feedback.

What I am actually looking to do(for a customer) is use servmon to do
the daily discovery and the status polling. However, the customers needs
to check the status of a particular service when new nodes are
discovered. So I wanted to automate the once of discovery when a node
added trap is received from netmon through the command line to run the
service discovery on the particular node in question immediately when it
is added, then let the normal servmon process continue as is. The
release notes for 7.1.4 does state that the servmon daemon reacts upon
Node Added traps. Do you know if this implies that it will discover
services on the node for which the Node Added trap is received? I will
test this but just wanted to know if any else understands the behavior?


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Hi Pritesh,
I believe much of the point of the new servmon daemon is to avoid having

to run anything manually. If all you want to do is DISCOVER a service (a

one-off operation), servmon will do that - you don't have to tell servmon to do subsequent status polls (set the last, status polling field to 0 in servmon.conf). If you want to limit discovery to a single node, you can do that by specifying a SmartSet that simply contains that
node. So, with this scenario, your "1-liner" is to enter the appropriate

line into servmon.conf and bounce the servmon daemon and the result should be the same - ie a SmartSet that contains those items on which the service has been discovered.
IF you want to then status poll the service on a periodic basis, you
need to change the status poll interval from 0 - but it sounds like you
don't need this?

Pritesh Jewan wrote:

Hi List,

With Netview 7.1.4 is it possible to run the discovery of a service on

a single node from the command line? With Netview 7.1.3, if I wanted to test a service on a node I would just run nvsniffer -n nodeABC from

the command line. Can this be done with servmon?

Thank you for any assistance.



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