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2004-08-24 16:59:34
Subject: [nv-l] Announcement
From: "Barr, Scott" <Scott_Barr AT csgsystems DOT com>
To: <nv-l AT lists.us.ibm DOT com>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 15:42:46 -0500
Greetings list members!
As most of you are painfully aware, I have been active on this mailing list for some number of years. I forget how many but I'm sure to James and Leslie it has seemed like an eternity. As I have accepted a new position in my company as TEC Admin and Event Management Architect, I will no longer be directly supporting NetView.
Although I have often been critical of IBM, I cannot emphasize how much appreciation I have for the knowledge and skills folks on this mailing list and in L2 support have provided me. I owe a good deal of my professional development to the people I have worked with on NetView for over 10 years now. It would not be polite of me to rattle off their names in this forum, most of them post regularly anyway so you will see my heart felt appreciation.
I have been in this industry now for 22 years. During that time, I have held a variety of positions from printer operator (didn't everyone do that) through the help desk, on to systems programming, into engineering and now to architect. I have come to value the input my colleagues almost to the point of taking it for granted. Many of us worked in the data processing environment before the internet became mainstream and in those days, it was very difficult to find another user with similar problem that you could use to resolve your own situation. This mailing list serves a purpose which no user group, no support team, and no PDF file can supply, experience, real live experience. Sharing your information has made my job immeasurably easier.
Also as a result of this, I don't believe I will be continuing in my capacity as co-leader of the Global Tivoli NetView User Group. Jane Curry will undoubtedly continue in her excellent effort to build the NetView web home as well as build a great users group. If you folks don't know Jane from this mailing list, take the opportunity to review some of her posts and by all means visit the NetView web home and join the NetView users group.
There are a few people who I would like to specifically mention by name because they offer help so often and so openly:
James Shanks (of course)
Leslie Clark (of course)
Don Davis
Oliver Bruchhaeuser
Jason Allison
Stephen Hochstetler
Raymond Westphal
William Stringfellow
Bernard Baudoux
Bill Evans
Scott Bursik (p.s. I only drink pepsi)
Catalina Martinez
Jane Curry
Some of these folks have provided answers when I needed help, and some have provided questions that made me think "Hm.... that is a good point!". But mostly, they shared without reservation, their opinions and experience and I have said there is no substitute for that. You can't manufacture experience. There are several others and of course, many folks in Inge Halverson's support team that I have either forgotten to mention or would prefer not to be mentioned.
So, good luck listers :) I will still be around lurking in the shadows. Feel free to email now or in the future.

Scott Barr

Distributed Network Engineer

CSG Systems Inc.

scott_barr AT csgsystems DOT com

Voice: 402-431-7939

Fax: 402-431-7413



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