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2002-09-24 11:09:44
Subject: Re: [nv-l] Cant delete object
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Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 17:09:44 +0200
forgot the list ...
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this looks you have more than one map.
Check "ovwls" or "mapadmin -l"

If you have more than one map you have to delete the objects from all maps
in order to delete them completely from the databases.

I'm not aware about a netmon bug about handling of exclude ranges in
NetView 7.1.2 AIX.

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I have some nodes with DHCP addresses which have been discovered (PCs)

Some have acquired new addresses because their leases have expired. As a
result there are now some objects on my map that appear Red.  If I delete
these objects from the map with Edit, Delete Object, From All Submaps, they
disappear from the screen, but if I close and reopen the default map - or
open a new map, they are still there. Is there a restriction about deleting
objects that cannot be accesses?

ovtopodump | grep nodename
also confirms that they are still in the database even after I delete them.
I ran ovtopofix -a  but they are still there.
How do I get rid of them, and how do I stop NetView from rediscovering them
(methinks perhaps an entry in netmon.seed = ! but
I was told that there is a bug in NetView 7.1.2 that means netmon ignores
entries in the seed file with ranges. Is that true?


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