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2002-09-21 12:36:12
Subject: Re: [nv-l] location.conf question
From: Bill Evans <wvevans AT prodigy DOT net>
To: Fawad.Qureshi AT ssa DOT gov, nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 12:36:12 -0400
I think you misinterpreted the documentation slightly.  The zero address is the means of creating a nested location symbol.  The zero specification does not prevent the addition of networks by later entries in the location.conf file.  It  allows the advance specification of the location symbol and its submap and letting later entries define the content of the location submap.

  In your case you will have a master symbol BAROCC on the IP Network submap.  That will contain three location symbols.  BABackbone submap will have the  BA-ROCC-10Nets  location symbol and the icons for devices in the two 10.108.x.x networks. BA-ROCC-10Nets submap will contain the icons for devices in the 10.1.x.x networks.

In your example, the "BABackbone 0" line really isn't necessary but you would have to put the two BABackbone 10.108.x.x entries ahead of the BA-ROCC-10Nets entries to make it work. The zero entry allows you to follow the rule "define a symbol before you use it".  

I use the style of definitions you have shown here since it more clearly defines what you are doing.  

Qureshi, Fawad wrote:
Netview for AIX 7.1.1 - AIX 4.3.3

Hi all,

I have following statements in my location.conf:


BABackbone 0 Site3 BAROCC
BIBackbone 0 Site3 BIROCC
CHBackbone 0 Site3 CHROCC

BA-ROCC-10Nets      Site3   BABackbone
BA-ROCC-10Nets       Site3   BABackbone

BABackbone      City    BAROCC
BABackbone    City    BAROCC

Netveiw documentation tells me that if I use 0 in AddressPattern field (as I
have in my symbol BABackbone), then no networks should exist under this
symbol. As can be seen from the above statements, I am specifying
and networks under this symbol. This should not work if my
interpretation of the Netview documentation is correct. I am unable to
verify this as my map is almost unreadable and undecipherable. So my
questions are: Would this work? If not, can I replace the 0 in
AddressPattern with something else so I am able to specify networks as well
as sub-symbols / sub-containers? Thanks.


Fawad Qureshi

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