[nv-l] incorrect status colors

2002-08-22 14:12:18
Subject: [nv-l] incorrect status colors
From: jason.ctr.alburger AT faa DOT gov
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 14:12:18 -0400
AIX 4.3.3    Netview 5.1

Here's the scenario (forgive me if this is vague):

We have User A running netview on our netview host.   We have User B on
another box and running netview on the netview host via ssh session.  So,
in effect, there are 2 netview sessions running on the netview host, one
displayed on the netview host, and one displayed on the other box.

The problem we see is that User A shows green on a status icon while at the
same time User B is showing red on the same status icon.  The icon is
something for which we have customized polling daemons installed.  I know
this info is pretty general, but my question is:

      - does each individual netview user have its own topology database
(maybe one is being updated and the other is not?)?
      - are there permission restrictions on a user's map (maybe User B
can't write to it?)?

The answers may explain why we are seeing different status on the same
icons for 2 different users.

We have noticed that ending all netview sessions, performing
ovstop/ovstart, and restarting the netview sessions usually straightens
everything out.

One other strange thing is that we installed a 2nd netview host.  The
topology database on the 1st netview host was copied onto the 2nd netview
host.  We never see the same problem with the 2nd netview host.

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