Re: Acknowledged/Unacknowledged events in trapd.log

2001-12-11 09:55:47
Subject: Re: Acknowledged/Unacknowledged events in trapd.log
From: "Scott Donohoo" <sdonohoo AT us.ibm DOT com>
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Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 09:55:47 -0500

This sounds like IY25469. If you are using Global Ack and have 2 or more 
NetView guis up, a performance problem (now fixed) can cause them to start 
feeding ack/unack traps back to each other, touching off a loop. An efix 
will be available for NetView 6.0.3 and 7.1 this week. There is no way to 
provide a fix for this in 6.0.2. Let the support contact for your pmr know 
to contact me.
Scott Donohoo
Tivoli NetView for Unix/NT L3

"Davis, Donald" <donald.davis AT firstcitizens DOT com>
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12/11/2001 09:29 AM
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Update on my problem with Acknowledged / Unacknowledged traps crashing
It happened again last night. NetView logged 400,000 Acknowledged /
Unacknowledged traps in an hour.
nvcorrd core dumped, trapd core dumped, NetView of course, Crashed !
nv6000.log filled the root filesystem with "recv_event: recv_trap failed"
It wasn't a pretty sight.

I have opened a PMR with support (87582).

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?


Donald Davis
First Citizens Bank
Systems Engineer Consultant
Enterprise Management
100 East Tryon Road
Mail Code: DAC 22
Raleigh, NC.  27603-3526

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