Re: Is it possible to forward SNMP Traps to More than One TEC ???

2001-07-28 00:09:17
Subject: Re: Is it possible to forward SNMP Traps to More than One TEC ???
From: netview AT toddh DOT net (Todd H.)
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: 27 Jul 2001 23:09:17 -0500
As a fellow Netview newbie, I'll give the same answer as Guru James
but perhaps in simpler terms.  :-)

Yes, you can do what you propose. 

As James said, you can only forward to one TEC using the Forward node
in the ruleset.  All rule branches that define what you want to send
to TEC "a" would end with Forward nodes.

The rules by which you would send event to TEC "b" would end in Action
nodes.  Your action nodes would call a script that would run a
postemsg command (or wpostemsg if the node happens to be a Tivoli
managed node) to send the event to TEC "b."  You may even be able to
run the postemsg command directly from the action node, I'm not sure.

You could even have alerts that get sent to both TEC's.  In that case
you would use an Inline Action node in the ruleset to send the node to
TEC "b" and then follow the inline action with the Forward node which
would send it also to TEC "a." 

"Ashley Taylor" <ataylor AT us.ibm DOT com> writes:
> Hello,
> I'm learning Netview (slowly) and in our environment, we may want to
> forward some SNMP alerts to one TEC and different alerts to a second TEC.
> I know you can configure a primary and backup TEC, but I'm wanting to use
> one Netview (UNIX version) to be the receiver of all SNMP traps in the
> network and possibly forward them to different level TEC machines.  Using
> rulesets, it appears that you can customize the trap processing.  Does this
> include potentially setting a unique TEC destination per trap?  Is this
> reasonable, or bordering on a maintenance nightmare?   Advice and
> suggestions welcomed and appreciated.
> Regards,
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