Re: Válasz: Re: ruleset is not working

2001-07-23 09:40:56
Subject: Re: Válasz: Re: ruleset is not working
From: "James Shanks" <SHANKS AT us.tivoli DOT com>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 09:40:56 -0400
So you are running this ruleset on the NetView client?  If you want
assistance, it would be helpful if you would provide all relevant
Does this ruleset run any differently on the server?

To answer your question about nvcold, there is nothing you can do to check
or otherwise verify that it is running OK
You could always run "nvUtil G" to verify that all the Smartsets can be
resolved, but that is about it.
But there is nothing in the log to suggest that there is anything wrong
with nvcold, except that it was slow to connect.
Now, how about if you answer my questions, please?

Had you just recently started the daemons when you took this nvcorrd trace?
Had you just recently started the GUI?  In both cases, nvcold, the
collection or Smartset daemon, will have a lot of work to do, and that
might account for why the connection was a little slow.  This would be
especially true if you had multiple NetView clients active already.  But
that is NOT the source of your problem.  The issue was, "Why did the trap
fail to pass the 'Query Collection' test in the ruleset?"  I suggested that
it is because you used "origin" as the source of the query, and that you
should be using "Attribute 2" if this is a NetView trap.  So how about it?
Has it ever worked before?  Does it work when you use Attribute 2?

James Shanks
Team Leader, Level 3 Support
Tivoli NetView for UNIX and NT

gyula.furton AT degaz DOT [email protected] on 07/23/2001 03:29:15 AM

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Subject:  Válasz: Re: [NV-L] ruleset is not working

To James Shanks:
Thanks a quickly answer.
You wrote:
"Well, the alog shows that at first nvcorrd cannot connect to nvcold, so he
cannot do the query collection.
Is nvcold running?  Did you just start the daemons -- if so then h probabyl
busy.   Notice that eventually he connects.
Then he asks if the origin of the trap is in the collection and nvcold says
it is not, so nothing is done.
Has this ever worked?
I think you should be using Attribute 2, which for NetView traps is the
hostname, rather than Origin here, which may be the NetView box itself. "

Q: Is nvcold running?
A: The processes are:
[ROOT]:/usr/OV/service:> nvstat
NOTE: ovspmd is process 51602
actionsvr          71922   75620  nvsecd,nvcorrd
ems_log_agent      54764  ovspmd  nvsecd,ems_sieve_agent
ems_sieve_agent    64588  ovspmd  nvsecd,pmd,ovtopmd
mgragentd          70098  ovspmd  nvsecd
mibserver          70794  ovspmd  webserver
netmon             70592  ovspmd  nvsecd,ovtopmd,trapd,ovwdb
nvcold             40056  ovspmd  nvsecd,ovwdb
nvcorrd            62788  ovspmd  nvsecd,trapd
nvlockd            64312  ovspmd  nvsecd
nvpagerd           66710  ovspmd  nvsecd
nvsecd             51346  ovspmd
nvserverd          77222  ovspmd  nvsecd,nvcorrd
ovactiond          54788  ovspmd  nvsecd,trapd
OVORS_M            73752  ovspmd  nvsecd,pmd
ovtopmd            74594  ovspmd  nvsecd,trapd,ovwdb
ovwdb              75384  ovspmd  nvsecd
pmd                71256  ovspmd  nvsecd
snmpCollect        52978  ovspmd  nvsecd,trapd,ovwdb,ovtopmd
trapd              60704  ovspmd  nvsecd,pmd
trapgend           72888  ovspmd  nvsecd
webserver          70794  ovspmd  ovwdb

How can I control the nvcold is working correct?


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