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2001-07-23 09:30:19
Subject: RE: Unmanaged objects
From: "Tremblay, David A." <dtremblay AT jhancock DOT com>
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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 09:30:19 -0400
We were having a similar issue with NetView discovering interfaces on one
system (part of a failover cluster) and replacing these interfaces on
another system when the second system in the pair was discovered.

We thought it had to do with the HSRP feature and it when we called Tivoli.
They ended up giving us a new netmon. Although the systems weren't HSRP we
could put the %system_name in the seedfile and the problem went away until
we got the new executable.

We are running Solaris 2.6 and NetView 6.0.2 but initially we received a new
netmon for AIX.

You may wish to look into this if the systems in question are running
Veritas Firstwatch or another type of failover software.

But I would first determine that if it is in fact the HSRP issue we
discovered and maybe place the % entry in front of the unmanaged object in
question and see if this works first.

Good Luck!

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        Excellent answer, Jose!

        Dave, use that function I gave you on the reports menu,
        All Events for a Node.  If it is a node. If it is an interface, is
it one
        of those duplicate IP addresses that keeps getting moved around?


        Leslie A. Clark
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        it's only an idea perhaps Netview is deleting a rediscovering de
object as


        Jose Manuel Garcia Crespo

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        > Hi all,
        >          Does anyone know why, if I unmanage an object, why do I
have to
        > unmanage it again the next day. For some reason anything that I
        > becomes managed again without operator intervention???
        > AIX4.3.3  6.02
        > Thanks, Dave
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