Features of NetView Version 6.0.1

2000-08-10 16:39:13
Subject: Features of NetView Version 6.0.1
From: James_Shanks AT tivoli DOT com
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 16:39:13 -0400
NetView for UNIX and NT, Version 6.0.1, is being shipped to customers on the
"hot list" as I write this.  All others, with a current maintenance contract,
should receive upgrades automatically within the next 60 days.  Here's a short
synopsis of what's in it.

-  Serial QuickTest
     a sort of "lightweight Demand Poll" which just checks interface status on
selected objects
     via ping or SNMP as appropriate. Available from the native X GUI, web
client, or command line.
 -  Enhancements to Demand Poll
     netmon internal processing enhanced so it is much less likely to be busy
when a Demand Poll
     (or Quick Test) is requested so these will process more quickly for the
 -  RFI 
? reduced polling to routers
     Router Fault Isolation code is now enabled by default and several defects
     By default all ICMP and SNMP polling is suppressed to non-routers in
Unreachable subnets.
 -  Acknowledge Status ? global option available in UNIX
     allows for Acknowledge action to be global across maps and clients -- even
over restarts
            utility to export/import acknowledge status between databases.
            can set Acknowledge status from command line using a new event as
long as a map is up.                     (on NT there is no change --
Acknowledge status is already global in NT client/server model).
     new field in database isAcknowledged is set to allow for smartsets.
 -  Loadhosts ? discover unmanaged
     interfaces to be added via load hosts can be preceded by '!' to indicate
that they should be
     added to the database as unmanaged.
 -  NT TEC adapter ? SmartSet filtering
     TEC configurator introduced in 6.0 completely re-written to provide full
function for configuring
     the NT TEC adapter including filtering by smartsets.
 -  New MLM allows synchronous collection of more than one MIB variable.
     new '@sync' parameter provided to specify data to be gathered at the same
 -  41 new Cisco-related MIBs (SNMP V1) added to /usr/OV/snmp_mibs
     all V1 copies to provide easy use with snmpCollect  and  rulesets.
     naming convention so that they will not conflict with V2 versions for Cisco
Integration Pack
 -  109 new Cisco-related traps added to sample trapd.conf in
     use nvaddtrapdconf to add these to your existing trapd.conf.

Notable fixes/improvements
     Predictable timeouts for polling and SNMP in netmon   -- no more adaptive
polling -- fewer false             downs.
     Polling change interval improvements  --  if you shortened the interval
before it would not take
          effect until the next longer cycle, now it takes effect in half the
     Netmon will now react to unsolicited warm start, cold start, link up and
link down traps from other               agents by pinging those interfaces
     Reduced number of name resolution calls in netmon to improve performance,
especially during
     Greatly improved client map synchronization time.
     IY09874 - Objects cut-and-pasted into location.conf-created containers will
go into the application            plane.
     IY10191 -  Open topology support provided for NetView for NT clients.

Other APARs fixed:
     APAR # Abstract

     IY00488 OVW_Binary core due to multiple Xwindow callbacks

     IY00835 NVSecD memory leak on security authorization

     IY03331 OVWDBMap won't delete object after NVTurboDatabase used

     IY04379 Entries in oid_to_command not being translated properly

     IY05734 NetMon cores on HP device

     IY06092 Trapd cores when receiving bad trap

     IY06361 XNMAppmon coring when closing due to non-null pointer

     IY06629 Background lost on submap during close/reopen on DEC

     IY06633 Deleting vertices not working on closed maps

     IY06684 User can create map despite being restricted

     IY06890 NVEvents cores when clicking outside of current event area

     IY06910 Trapgend not working after being pushed to remote system

     IY06988 NetMon loops on HSRP interfaces with 1 SNMP address

     IY06997 XNMLoadMIB2 fails to parse the "bits" construct

     IY07219 NVColToSQL "CollectTime" var has only a 2 digit year

     IY07220 Cisco 7206 Router not discovered by netmon

     IY07308 Mnemonic character conflict in OVW "Edit" menu

     IY07562 GTMD Memory Leak

     IY07915 GTMD Icons not retaining customization on GUI restart

     IY08209 OVW_Binary coring on bad pointer in NavTree

     IY08325 OVW_Binary coring on Xwindows closecallback function

     IY08822 NVSniffer hangs on Solaris when polling unreachable nodes

     IY08824 NVSniffer -t hangs for timeout values under 1000

     IY09037 Problem transferring MLM data to Oracle

     IY09325 Multiple up events when NetMon & MLM on same box

     IY09330 Collection rule fails when IPSTATUS=ACKNOWLEDGED

     IY09476 Unnecessary messages filling netmon trace log

     IY09812 Tell users ACKNOWLEDGE status shouldn't be propagated

     IY09841 NVTecia -stop not sending "NVServerD Ending" event

     IY09874 Icons going to wrong place on cut & paste operation

     IY09934 Unable to configure NetView daemons via smitty

     IY10027 XXMAP cores when show protocol is used

     IY10052 Saving dynamic workspaces more than once gives error

     IY10063 OVW_Binary cores when doing a cut/paste on the map

     IY10451 NetView not showing DNS IP address sending trap to TEC

     IY10623 On Solaris, cut/paste operation takes over an hour

     IY10712 NVSecD memory leak on nvauth login/logout

     IY10768 Running ovwexit produces core file on NetView NT 6.0

     PJ26956 NVWakeUp -n doesn't work with interface names with spaces

     PJ26960 Use of ruleset containing event attribute as origin fails.

     APAR #  Abstract

     IY06997 XNMLoadMIB2 fails to parse the "bits" construct

     IY09513 Document that Server/Client need static IP addresses

     IY09823 LoadMIBV2 only displaying last MIB loaded

     IY09874 Location container puts icons on user plane when cut/pasting

     IY10014 NetViewNT V6.0 TEC Adapter dying randomly

     IY10046 NetView NT V6 graph tool showing no data when data exists

     IY10191 Display of non-ip topology not supported on NetViewNT client

     IY10623 Cut/Paste operation taking too long on Solaris

     IY11008 Cannot start NetView JRE processes if CLASSPATH is set

     PJ26888 If machine name > 14 characters, NVPagerd won't dial modem

     PJ26903 SNMPCollect problem if smartset name used in collection

     PJ26952 Application toolbar icons go blank when background changed

     PJ26953 Graph.exe chokes on Y2K data provided by event browser

     PJ26956 NVWakeUp -n doesn't work with interface names with spaces

     PJ26960 Using ruleset containing event attribute for origin fails

     PJ27049 NVPage failing due to timing issues with the modem comm

     PJ27111 UpTimer -d gives syntax error with MSSQL 6.5

If there is a demand for it, I will post release notes here as well.

James Shanks
Team Leader, Level 3 Support
 Tivoli NetView for UNIX and NT

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